Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Haps

I have not been posting for the simple reason that I am LAZY.  Not working has turned me into a wine drinking, food loving, nap taking sack of shite.  I took a two hour nap this morning because I am tired from staying up late watching TV and shopping on the Internet.  I have had plenty to post about and I have thought about what to say in my head but I couldn't translate into a post.  I was feeling pretty low at the beginning of this week as I felt like no one would EVER hire me and then I did two phone interviews on Wednesday and I had a cool interview today.

The interview today was with a brand that I am extremely passionate about and it is a big girl job.  I would manage a staff of 15 and report to the CEO.  I had a slight panic attack before the interview that they may figure out that  I am an unintelligent young kid but then I looked in the mirror and realized that this is the next step in my career and I am an adult.  If I decide to go for a lower paying job with more flexibility it is not because I couldn't get the big job it is because I made the choice to not go for it.  There will be no blaming my children for lost opportunities.  I have the support system and freedom to take the big career.  I worked hard to reach this point in my career and the next steps are my decision.  Job hunting has been an interesting experiment in patience, ego and naps.

LO and I went to a bunch of parties this last weekend.  She cried about this weird phone until the mom insisted we take it home.  I want to throw it in the garbage as it is so annoying but she loves it.

We ordered balloons for her party and she insisted on taking the sample balloons with her everywhere.

By the end of the weekend, she was pooped.  I will try and be a little more timely with my post in the future but those are the haps.