Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Feline Drama

Unless a lot of peeps in this house get their business in check, I am going to rain down with some serious ass whooping chocolate and wine drinking madness.  I have never seen such large first world problems (Don't know who originally used "first world problems" but hilarious).  We have Baby Cat that has been crying and showing violent tendencies since the Mama Cat checked herself into the hospital for rehab exhaustion.  I figured that she would stop her crying and waking up babies business once the Mama came back from her vacation horrible confinement.  NOT THE CASE.

This biatch has been making herself throw up repeatedly on my NEW shoes.  Running around and hissing at everyone and acting even more violent.  I was putting LO to bed and she jumped on us and I was scared of her.  I held LO's hand so she wouldn't touch her and LO accidentally tapped her with her foot and horribleness ensued.   This biatch needs a new home if she can't improve her damn attitude.  I can't live with this Pet Semetary shite.  I think that Baby cat hates children and obviously cats with feeding tubes.  HELP.