Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cake, STAT

If I don't get a slice of Sweet Lady Jane's white chocolate raspberry cake soon, I am going to blow this biatch up.  The weird interview/team meeting thing was weird and gave no indication that I should keep pursuing the job.  I feel so sad as I kind of built up the job in my head as a great work/life balance thing and now I am really back to square one of trying to find a job.  I had a prospect that I let slide as I was excited about this opportunity so it is back to the job boards and the networking, BLARGH.

To help alleviate the widespread panic of the mounting cat hospital bills and my dwindling job prospects, I went and tried to find LO a birthday outfit.  I feel that I may need to take her to the doctor as she was swimming in the 12-18 dresses and most of the outfits were too long.  Seriously, what if she is a dwarf and we don't know?  Is that possible? What is the PC term for midget/dwarf and how do I know if my baby has the condition?

Here are two outfit prospects.  I am really digging the blue outfit with an orange sweater as a possibility.