Monday, March 28, 2011

The British are Coming, The British are Coming

LO started out her birthday weekend by vomiting all over herself, my car and her car seat.  It was like the vomit episode on Family Guy.  We were on our way to the GI doctor and had to call to say we would be a few minutes late.  We arrived after a quick Starbucks napkin rubdown and he refused to examine her.   He had warned me about his aversion to vomit but I was still disappointed.  He did meet with us to exclaim his dissatisfaction with her eating progress and to recommend food therapy.  I knew that was coming in the back of my mind but I was bummed to hear it.  We received directions for weaning off medications and we were on our way.

I chalked up the vomit incident to motion sickness until that evening when I went into her room to check on her humidifier and she was lying awake in vomit.  Not crying but just laying really still.  It was really sad to see, so I cleaned her up and the bed and she slept the rest of the night.  She slept all day and then most of Sunday and we celebrated her big day as best we could.

Don't talk to me until I have my sippy cup and I know that you are not taking pictures, right now.

We had to manufacture some smiles. 

Ever the discerning palette.

So at the end of the day, I had some good champagne, cake and sushi and she muddled through.  I was enjoying my piece of cake in private after LO and DH went to bed when suddenly the Mama cat runs by with an orange tube in front of her eye. She had pulled out her feeding tube but the outside part was still attached to the tape around her neck.   I started hyperventilating and ran upstairs to get DH in a breathy, "The TUBE is OUT, The Tube is OUT, Wake UP!" in an alleged Paul Revere type of way.

DH rolled over and said that he was going back to sleep leaving me with the galloping blind cat running around the house.   Does anyone remember the PROMISE that he would take care of this damn cat?? I gave myself a moment to calm down from the sugar high and went and cut out the rest of the feeding tube. About 10 minutes later, DH rolls downstairs and congratulates me on my efforts and goes back to sleep. What the hell?!  So I go back to my cake and I hear LO coughing through the monitor.  I check on her and she sounds a little croupy but I decide it's my imagination and finally go to sleep.  I take girlfriend to the doctor this am and it is the croup mixed with the stomach flu and a cold type thing.  She avoided shots but is taking steroids.  Happy damn 1st Birthday!