Friday, March 25, 2011

Birth Story Part 2

So we arrive at L&D after an eternity of deserted long hallways.  I am expecting some type of urgency as I had seen a lot of movies where there are people bustling about and they are rushing to assist you.  This was more of a when I get done with my crossword puzzle, I will decide if you are really in labor.

They must have an abundance of false alarms as I felt that I needed to prove that the baby was on her way.  Finally, we were admitted and my doctor was called.  She agreed to come in to perform the c-section immediately as the hospital told her I would be fine until morning! I would have lost my mind and gone over to her house or delivered the baby myself a la the Duggar family.  We were hanging out waiting for the anesthesiologist and I was extremely nervous.  DH was taking more exciting pictures like this.
BTW, I was more than willing to take my wedding ring off rather than have it taped on.  The whole wild card is the crazy, angry anesthesiologist as my doctor had advised the best pain solution but she said that she can't advise the guy as he will pick what he wants to do.  So he decided on a spinal block and he got to work while DH suited up and took pics of himself.
Then he came into the operating room and took awesome pics of me.
Then everyone got ready and they tried to take LO out but the incision was too small so they tugged and tugged.  Then she pooped all over everyone so they were worried about her lungs.  While they were cleaning the baby, the clamp on the umbilical cord came off shooting blood all over the room.  In all the excitement, they asked DH not to come over to the baby until they told him he could.  I was so worried and so helpless.  They brought DH over to tell him about her sacral dimple and toe that was bent the complete other way.  I was convinced that something was wrong and no one was telling me so I refused more pain medication. 

Finally, we all met while my innards were being put back.

I was in love with her at the first moment.  I was relieved that she had arrived at a healthy six pounds and that all of the worrying was put aside for a few moments.  I couldn't wait to hold her and snuggle.  Unfortunately, the decision to refuse pain medication would haunt me in recovery as everything they gave me couldn't stop the pain.  In a final attempt to get in front of the pain, they stuck a big needle in my thigh of morphine.  The morphine finally kicked in and I was able to be wheeled to my room where I was reunited with DH and LO.   I actually slept for a few hours which was a relief as LO was born at 1:38 am on Saturday, March 27, 2010 but we didn't get to our room until dawn.

Recovery was not that fun at first but then they removed all of the various tubes and needles and it was a party.  There was pain medication and food and jello.  I have never eaten so much jello in my life as I could not get enough red jello even when I was allowed to eat anything, I longed for the red jello.  I could not stop holding LO and looking at her.  She slept on my chest in a little ball and I was so happy.  Over the past year, when things were tough, I longed to be back in the hospital with that jello in those first few miracle days with LO.

All of the uncertainty of pregnancy, fears for her health and lack of sleep have faded over the past year leaving me with new worries and fears but more importantly, a lovely 1 year old who steals my heart with her smile on an hourly basis.  She makes me laugh with her silly sense of humor, dance moves and open mouth animal kissing.  I miss her when she is sleeping as I could cuddle her all day and night.  I wish for her overall happy and easygoing personality to be lifelong and her to know that she is loved forever by me.

I won the lottery with you, my baby.