Thursday, March 24, 2011

Birth Story Part 1

Since I started this blog three months into the parenting journey, I glossed over the whole birth story thing.  On the last day of Mommy & Me, the group leader asked us to tell our birth stories and they were a lot different a year later.  I remember the first two classes of Mommy & Me when we first joined were filled with only birth stories and there was a lot of emotion involved.  This go around was more, "Then I had the baby  and we all celebrated," delivered in a monotone voice.  There was more discussion of what we would do differently with the next go around.  So I thought I would share my birth story a year later as remembered by someone with a horrible memory.

Friday, March 26
I had probably cried approximately 47 times and complained about 423 things that day.  I was tired of worrying and being pregnant.  I was sick of going to the hospital for stress testing, home testing for diabetes, non-stop ultrasounds and the overall feeling of something was going to go wrong.  I was scheduled for a c-section on Monday as LO was breech and I had other complications that pointed to a c-section throughout the pregnancy.  I told DH that I could not stand being pregnant one more second and he suggested we go upstairs to bed.  I got in bed and felt a hard kick and my water broke.  DH was not entirely convinced and I was a bit skeptical as well but it soon became increasingly apparent that we needed to call the doctor.

My doctor had advised going straight to the hospital if my water broke so we began gathering our stuff and headed to the hospital.  I felt nervous but I was not in pain.  I was annoyed that DH was taking pictures like this when I would have liked to hurry it up a bit.  Hence me carrying a lot of bags and walking with no support through the hospital.  Where was my wheelchair, husband or compassionate nurse??