Thursday, February 24, 2011

Xray and Ultrasound

It was an exciting day over here in crazy land.  I finally got a call from one of my three good job prospects and had a phone interview this morning.  I felt that it went pretty well except that he told me that going in-house or client side in marketing is like going to the cemetery.  Interesting perspective.  He invited me to his HOUSE for an interview tomorrow.   I feel that it is all on the up and up as he has a home office in addition to the office where I would be working.  But I feel slightly intimidated going to his house and am considering bringing a heavy object in my handbag just in case.  I also received a new request for a phone interview tomorrow afternoon with a recruiter about a job I applied for yesterday.  Good times!

So in my excitement over the job prospects, I had Poppins work part day so she can help out tomorrow and LO and I went on an impromptu play date.   We had a good time but I got a call from the vet while we were there and they told us that Mama Cat possibly had cancer and she had jaundice.  What??? Jaundice? So he wanted me to bring her in right away and I agreed for this afternoon.  We were finishing up our play date and LO took a tumble down two brick stairs and I caught her but not before she gashed her head on a heating vent.  It was not bleeding and she started crying right away but I was concerned about the metal.  So I could either call my normal pediatrician and wait for a call back in a few hours OR call the crazy pediatrician who would answer my question in seconds.  I opted for crazy as it was just a quick question about if she had a tetanus shot.  And so it begins.....

She told us to be there in 20 minutes after she picked up her own phone.  No nurse or receptionist, just her answering her phone.  So our appointment was at 2:30 to see the doc and Mama was at 3:30 for her liver business.  I figured no big deal as she is just looking at a little flesh wound and then I could swing home and grab the cat.  The next thing I know, I am getting an xray at the hospital for LO.  She felt that she had fractured her SKULL.   So I call DH to tell him that yet again I am the worst mother ever and I hope that our child can survive my parenting skills.  She turned out to be fine which was a relief.  We have now officially taken LO to EVERY major hospital in the area.  We are so proud.

Meanwhile, the vet starts calling DH as they are concerned about the cat.  He leaves work a little early to take the cat as I am pooped and can't put LO through the vet experience at this point.  Ummmhmmmm I don't really know what to say about what happens next EXCEPT that he told me the choice was to spend $1,800 or $600.  So in an effort to conserve money but keep the cat alive he agrees to give her an IV instead of leaving her at the vet.  

IN ADDITION to a host of other syringes, medication and food.  We had agreed that  we would not inflict torture on an animal for our own selfish reasons as they don't understand.  But somehow this detoxification of her liver is supposed to cure her and he is trying to convince me that she likes all of it and supports his decision.  So in addition to the thyroid medication twice daily, she needs to be medicated with a pill, fed by syringe three times a day and given an IV at night.  There is also some other mysterious item that needs to be picked up tomorrow that he was too scared to elaborate on.   Here he is with her IV bag.