Friday, February 25, 2011

We'll Get Better

I have never received such a large response from a post as I did from my last post.  I listened to my voice mails and was met with just laughter from my friends and IM was blowing up with people laughing virtually.  For those who don't know me personally, I take it all in stride as I can't make up this shite.  It just keeps happening.

I went on my interview at the dude's house this morning and it went pretty well.  I felt like he was an interesting guy and he seemed to like me.   It was weird to be in his house but it was in a really pretty part of town near the ocean.  I stayed for two hours and he gave me a heart filled with chocolate and a signed copy of his book on the way out.

The only strange part of the interview besides the house and the chocolate was that he sat with his computer screen behind him and all of his personal pictures flashed behind him.  It seemed pretty innocent enough and then the rotation seemed to move onto things he scanned so his passport came up and then his investment statements starting flashing.  It was really hard not to look and it may have been a test for which I would have failed miserably as I was drawn like flies to shite.   Thankfully he rambled for lonnnnggg periods of time as I kept staring.  Despite all of these weird things, they have asked me to visit their office on Thursday for one of their group meetings and to meet a few other people.  I think that I would take the job if the people are halfway cool and they don't compensate in hugs.

I also had a phone interview later on in the afternoon for a job that definitely pays in cold hard cash which sounded really interesting but probably not much work/life balance.  My priorities have changed so much after having LO that I can't believe that I will pass up more money.

I know, I know get to the damn IV.....  So I fed the mama cat one time today and she barfed all over the damn carpet.  I pretty much gave up after that as I am not force feeding a cat who is going to barf it up.  So we went to an early dinner with Erica and her family and then we came home.  I put LO to bed ya know like I do EVERY night.

Afterwards, I came downstairs and DH had the same grin that LO has when she knows that she is doing something bad like putting her finger in a plug.  He requested MY help with the IV.  Was it not a short 24 hours before when he said he had it covered??!!  He explains that I should know how to do it.  In case of what??  I hold the poor thing while he inserts it and then I was in charge of the bag.  OMG, when did my Friday nights become so glamorous.  We cap off the IV with a pill which she promptly barfs up in a blue foam and DH turns to me and says, "Don't worry, we'll get better."