Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentimes Day

LO and I spent a romantic day getting a scope done for her respiratory issues.  It usually takes all morning so I was prepared to spend a good amount of time at UCLA yesterday.  BUT little known fact it is the second slowest day (Halloween is number 1) at the doctor's office.  Not really sick kids at the pediatrician but any procedures that are scheduled in advance.  What mean moms bring in their kids on Valentimes (yeah I say it with an M instead of an N) Day?? ME! It was so awesome as we were in and out and had plenty of time to chat with the doctor.

LO is completely healed from her laryngomalacia and I even had time to ask about it showing up in future kids.  She told us that although it is a genetic disorder, it is not necessarily hereditary.  So what does it mean?  She doesn't have to be scoped again, yipppeee! But she does need to start swallowing food instead of pushing it out once it has been chewed.  So after her first birthday, she will go for a swallow/food study if it is still a problem.  I really think that she wants to swallow as she holds her hand to her mouth to keep the food in but it just keeps popping out.  The other good thing is that she is no longer at a higher risk for a host of devilish illnesses which is great as my doctor was harping on me about RSV last week.  I feel that I am really careful but this crazy pediatrician is always rushing to some diagnosis that I just don't see.  I read a lot on the Internet so I am very qualified in the medical field.

We went to the park in the afternoon and then headed home to spend time with daddy for Vday who was supposed to be home early.  That didn't happen and my phone didn't register that he had been calling and my brain started going crazy.  Who doesn't call or come home on V-day?? SOMEONE with another family or mistress!! I was starting to get really angry as I put LO to bed and I was just sitting there angry and wondering where all of the ROMANCE had gone?? Then I looked at my phone again and he had left three voice mails.  Oh.  Well I guess the mistress theory was not panning out.

DH finally came home and we had sushi delivery which is awesome and yummy and delivered by a guy wearing a sushi chef outfit so it feels really authentic.  I ran out and got a slice of cake from Sweet Lady Jane and we watched the Good Wife.  It turned out to be a great day, it could have used a few more romantic poems and sonnets but a good day.