Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Before the LO was born which is like before the whole world changed, I used to be a bit judgy about sticky looking kids.  Some kids just look like a walking sticky lollipop that could spew their gooey self all over your clean clothes.  I had LO and I was even more convinced that keeping kids reasonably clean was easy.  You just wiped their faces and changed their shirt once in awhile.

Then the drooling started and I was able to keep on top of business and a few bibs were brought out and all was well.  Then the feeding started and it became a little tougher.  Now, I have just given up and she is schmutzy.  She is so strong and she really hates people touching her nose and mouth which seemed to be the mothership for shmutz.  I have never seen so many boogers and crusty junk on a kid.  There is no good time to clean her and she screams like a wild animal and starts thrashing like a beast even when you change her clothes or diaper.  If she sees a wash cloth she goes crazy, she barely permits bath time cleaning.  How do you keep your kids boogy free or do I sit on my hands until she is 13?