Thursday, February 17, 2011

Officially Discharged

LO and I visited the Cranio Facial Clinic at UCLA yesterday as I am a crazy person and like to knock out a ton of doctor visits in a short amount of time.   We had a great visit and they officially discharged her from their clinic.  It was pretty cute as the three doctors came in the room and congratulated us and gave us strict warnings about regression, blah, blah, blah.  We drove away and I was a little bit scared as it feels that I am more and more responsible for her health.   The plus side of always having to visit a doctor was that you could run something by them and they could advise. For example, I had LO's ears and lungs looked at when we were there to save me a follow-up visit to the pediatrician for her cold.

In case you were counting, here is where we stand:

Head--Cranio Facial for torticollis which is a neck condition that causes facial and head deformity--Official discharge

Throat--Otolaryngology for laryngolomalacia which is a underdeveloped airway--Unofficial discharge as may have to go back for swallowing/food test

Eyes--Strabismus which is messed up eye alignment/vision--One more appointment in May and I am 95% sure that they will discharge her as well

Tummy--GI Doc--Kind of feels hopeless right now and she is projectile vomiting all over the place.   Our carpets look like a frat house.

Allergies--Another horrible test after she is one year that I am scheming to avoid.  If your kid has an extreme milk protein allergy, how did you try them on other milks like goat or kitten? Wing it or done in a clinic?

So a lot of good news for LO in a short amount of time.  Yeahhhhhhh!! When LO was born, I was a bit sad and a little angry (not at the LO but in general) that we had so much "extra" stuff as I felt so overwhelmed with a new baby.  But I have met some amazing moms who have A LOT of "extra" stuff and I realized how lucky we have been. I have also been impressed at how much UCLA does for their patients.  A lot of the families in the clinics have extreme financial and legal situations that they attempt to deal with for the parents in the interest of the child.  Go UCLA!