Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Shoes Wow Recruiters

My job interview with the recruiters went really well today.  I think that I can attribute it to the last minute run to the mall for new shoes and a top to go under my suit.  I feel that they really appreciated the shade of red on my top and the height of the heel.  I felt really nervous going to the interview and when I heard people taking a test in the next room of the fancy office, I started to sweat and get flashbacks.

Picture it, circa 1999.  I am out of college and looking for a job pre-Internet.

My mom tells me to find a temp agency and talk to them as I am at a loss of where to find a job in Newport Beach.  I decided to move there after school as someone offered me cheap rent on a beach house.  What else do you need when deciding residency after college?  So I go to the temp agency in a strip mall and they ask me to take a timed typing test.   WTF? I thought all I needed was a college education and the employers would line up? My criteria was pretty lenient, pay me to sit at a desk all day.  I failed every test miserably even the ones for just typing the numbers and they still found me a temp job working for an angry man at Wells Fargo.

 I started to sweat thinking that I would be subjected to some sort of Microsoft Office proficiency test and I wanted to shout that I had been using an older version so could they please skip the testing.  No testing was required and they were very complimentary of my background.  They called me within two hours to offer me an interview for a full time permanent position tomorrow.  The position is very similar to my last one and I think it would be like pointing my car in a different direction and ending up at a similar building.

This experience has made me think of what I want to do and I don't know if I am quite ready to jump back in.  It also made me realize that I probably shouldn't be such a large freak and think that no one is going to hire me EVER.   I have not even met the people so they could hate me but how could they with my new shoes?