Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Family Photo

I may not have mentioned it in awhile but I am still trying to find a preschool for LO and we needed a family picture for the applications.  Hence all of our failed attempts.  I really only have two viable options and I need your opinion.

Option #1: I feel that this one is not bad.  At least all of us are looking at the camera and no one looks tortured.  I think it says we are sporty and could go hiking at any moment.  We are fun, get out and go type of people. You can see us up early with one of those bike attachments for our kid and then eating a healthy breakfast while breathing in the ocean air.  None of it true but possible.

Option #2: I think this one says, "Hey, we travel with our baby and we are happy about it." We even bought her a seat.  Not true but maybe.

This is what we are working with people and I need your vote.  If I was awesome, I would know how to insert a poll.  Maybe you could tell me how to do it when you vote??

Also, I recently posted my picture on LinkedIn from 2004, the last professional headshot that was taken of me.   Am I lying with this picture? Do I look too young and excited, possibly constipated in this pic?