Thursday, February 3, 2011


The interview sucked big time.  I did well in my opinion except that I did get a bit nervous. I talked to three executives and I felt pretty confident about my overall performance.  Here is the kicker--they felt that I was weak on my Excel proficiency.  I wanted to say Microsoft Excel? I didn't know that it was such a big criteria.  I told them that I was fairly intelligent and open to taking a class to brush up on the finer points of Excel. They kept talking about how important Excel is to their organization so I admitted that I was weak on putting together complex formulas.  They aren't looking for complex formulas but the ability to sort and analyze data.  I think that I can handle it but that seemed to be the point of contention with them.   So they are narrowing down the position to three people from the ten that they have interviewed.  Here is the crazy part, besides that the president sits in on ten initial interviews, I don't really want the job.

The commute to the office seems horrendous, they have no flex time and the guy that would be my direct boss seemed to hate me and I hated everything that he stood for.  I am really qualified for the job and it is more money than my last job which would be really awesome but I would hate the job.  BUT I want them to want me.  Why would I hinge my career self confidence on a terrible job??  I have to tell the recruiter tomorrow if I would be interested in the next round of interviews.  Little sprouts of self doubt keep popping  up such as; the economy, what if nothing else comes along, what if this is a great job and I am a big snob?? I think that I will be open to the next round of interviews but I can't take the job.

Calling all peeps who need a marketing director, where are you?