Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Unemployed LOSER Day #1

Don't cry for me Argentina, as that job is dead to me.  I have to admit that my joie de vivre was being sucked out by my job but I was too lame to admit it.  Unfortunately, I never break up with anyone so it was time for them to cut the cord and set me free.  BUT I still feel like, "Why didn't those kids like me??"  My crazy insecurity of being destitute and homeless is in crazy mode but I am keeping all of the crazy anxiety quiet with a sense of calm and laser focus.

Erica graciously too me to lunch after it happened and then let me come over for dinner as I feared loneliness and time to think.  Then she even let me come to her house to my "office" and set me up on her computer so I could begin getting all my shite done today.  I had my first call with a recruiter and I must admit that she chipped away at my delicate confidence.  The economy, ahhhhhhh! My skill set, ahhhhhhhh! Work harder for less pay, ahhhhhhh!  Hopefully, she was putting me down to build me back up? Somehow, I don't think that was the case.

I have a facial gift certificate that I am going to use this afternoon from xmas 2009.  Why not? We will probably be homeless soon anyway :)