Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have started multiple posts in the last week but all seem to be scattered and incoherent.  So I thought I would take K's idea and do some love/hates for Tuesday.

Love: Spending more time with LO
Hate: Chasing her to put clothes on every time

Love: Not having to commute
Hate: Feeling as if I am responsible for every domestic task as I am not working

Love: Having time to devote to preschool hunting
Hate: How tough it is going to be to transition her into toddler/preschool programs and work full time

Love: All the love and gifts for my bday this past weekend
Hate:  That I am 34 and I can hear the clock ticking for more kids

Love: Having an adult night out for above bday
Hate: That I am so old and was in bed by 10

Love: Not working as it is AWESOME
Hate: Not having enough money to do it forever

Love: That LO is getting so talkative and active
Hate: Our house is so small that I feel I am robbing her of some meaningful childhood experience

Love: My baby is going to be 1 year old soon
Hate: My BABY is going to be ONE