Monday, January 3, 2011

One Year Birthday Party

Are you thinking that you just saw some 9 month pics so why am I even discussing a one year party?! LO and I attended a fun baby party on Saturday and that was the topic of discussion as LO is one of the younger babes in the pack.  The hostess will be turning one at the beginning of February and has already rented out a hotel in the area! AHHHHHHhhhh, it sent me into a panic as I had given no thought to the one year party.  I saw a cute hat and some cake but a party?!! Then I started rolling it around in my mind and realized that I want to GO BIG but I may only have the resources for small. 

Erica came up with a super awesome idea that added fuel to my crazy fire.  I can't stop thinking about it.  I had to do some reality checking as will LO really remember? But then I realized that I could ask our super awesome family photographer if she would consider photographing.  Then images of the final Easter scene from Steel Magnolias of all the blond kids in white came rolling into my brain.  Can I ask all attendees to wear white and talk in Southern accents to fulfill my WASPy Steel Magnolias dream--hhmmmm may be tough as we are Jewish and it will be before Labor Day and white irritates DH. 

What if all I end up with at the end of the b-day are super awesome pics like these?  I have NO classic holiday pics of the LO smiling looking at the camera as DH considers artsy shots to be way superior to any smiling baby shots.  Here are some of his favorites and I will keep you updated on b-day plans.