Wednesday, January 5, 2011

If DH Were the Nanny

He would be fired.  Last night, I had a work dinner and he was responsible for getting home to meet Poppins and put LO to bed.  I was feeling pretty good as I was going to a work dinner, having a margarita and enjoying some adult time when my phone started ringing and ringing.  LO had fallen off our bed and was screaming.  I could get into how it happened but that is not the important part as it happened.  I wanted to scream at him as I put her to bed 95% of the time and he is responsible for 5% and she isn't safe?  I know that accidents happen but I have to feel that LO is safe.  He mentioned that he didn't talk on the phone when his boss called when she was in the bath but picked up the phone.  That made me feel even crazier with anger and fear.  Why is that damn phone even in the bathroom?  We kept her up and watched her and then woke her up in the middle of the night a few times and all was fine.

So why didn't I scream my bloody rage at him for not paying attention? This is my baby, my world and the reason for living.  Well, because when I cut off the tip of her thumb while trying to trim her nails, he didn't yell at me and when she fell out of her bedroom chair, he didn't yell at me.  I felt horrible enough at those times and he was really supportive.  He even took the night shifts at those times so I dutifully took my night shift last night.  He told me that he almost didn't call me last night and that is not the relationship that I want to foster with my husband.  I want to always be able to discuss what has happened with each other and have the mutual respect to understand that accidents happen and the best approach is calmness and smart decisions.  I can't hold my breath every time that DH is responsible for her.  We are a team and sometimes partners drop the ball or baby (hahaha) but you keep on going.