Thursday, January 6, 2011

I May Be a Terrible Mommy

Before LO was born, DH and I traveled with a lot more flexibility. (Obviously)   DH travels internationally for his job while I travel domestically for my job.   My job has involved a lot less travel over the past few years and DH's travel seems to be ramping up.  Seems like a good situation so there is someone always with the LO.  Well we used to use DH's trips as a meeting place for our trips.  I would meet him and then we would travel together. Free international ticket for him and I would use miles so just hotels, food and entertainment.  

For the last two years that has not been a possibility as I didn't want to travel internationally while pregnant and then I had a newborn.  Well, now I have a 9 month old and DH is going to London in a few months and I am thinking of joining him for a long weekend.  Poppins would be open to staying and my mom has also offered to come down to visit during that time.  So I have listed some Pros and Cons to help me make a decision and I am trying to figure if I should go.  Weigh in!

I love London
We could use the time alone
We could spend the weekend in the country which is my fave
We could go to tea at the Ritz (It was scheduled before and we missed it due to traffic)
We could shop at the markets
We could go to Wagamama
Tix are cheappppp or I could use miles
We could go to a show
We could sleep in
I love London

I have been to London a lot
Do I really need more crap?
It is a long way to go for a weekend
I wouldn't fly with him as that makes me too nervous
I would really miss the LO
It will be cold
We are going to Hawaii a few weeks after so would be a lot of time away from work
I would REALLY miss the LO

I do not want to bring the LO as I am testing out long flights with her when we go to Hawaii and I promised no long flights in winter.   When is the first time that you leave your baby?  Is there a good age? Or is it NEVER?