Friday, January 14, 2011

Excuse Me Sir, May I Join You Day #3

Outside my bedroom window is a dude with long greasy hair pulled into a scraggly ass ponytail who wears a ratty blue bathrobe and slippers. He sits on an outside couch and smokes all day while staring at the computer. He drove me nuts during my pregnancy and leave as I am anti smoking especially while pregnant. I was thinking of writing a post where I join him on his rattan loveseat but my dark humor seems to be upsetting a portion of my family. I think I am more upset about my humor being misunderstood than losing my job. So we will be returning to our regularly scheduled blogging.

LO was up all night last night and it just about did me in as I have been on my own this week as DH was in Denver. But Poppins came in the morning and I took an unbelievable nap. I felt like I hadn't slept well forever and then I took this luscious nap from 9 until noon. The last nap where I slept so well was when I came home from the hospital after having LO. Then DH came home and we had a chance to talk. I really do need him around when the shite hits the fan as he is a take charge kind of guy when things get serious and adult like.