Thursday, January 13, 2011

Destitute Day #2

I'm still here trying not to think about how we are going to feed ourselves and our child. Dramatic sigh at the end of that sentence. A lot of people have been so awesome and supportive. They have made me want to be a better person when I'm done being depressed and homeless and stuff. Some people have not known what to say and this is my favorite line, "only time will tell." What is time going to tell me!? Another favorite has to be "you could get paid to have another baby." Another mouth to feed??? Not likely buddy. Lastly, "you made a lot of money, will you settle for less?" Thanks for the vote of confidence family.

With all my drama, I haven't mentioned poor LO who is having her own bad week. First, they stopped making her formula. I'm talking to you Enfamil. Then she had a high fever yesterday so they put her on antibiotics that are killing her poor tummy. Poor lady. Keep an eye out for us on the street corner, we will be the ones with the blind yellow lab.