Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cough, Cough

So ummmmm yeahhh, I have had bronchitis since October.  Why would I let such a thing happen? I am not one of those hoarders that has a disaster house or a person who can't keep it together.  I leave the house with all my clothes on and I remember to take the baby out of a hot car.   So why would I hack up a lung for months?  My question should be answered with another question.  When would I have gone to the doctor?  LO has a million different appointments that all took me away from work.  Lunch hours were filled with errands and god-forbid a luxurious hour to do something that I wanted.  I considered urgent care a few times but I knew they would put me on an antibiotic which knocks me out for days.  DAYS!! Who has days?? I don't live in a world that gives me days in bed.  I love DH but giving him LO for days is stressful.

So I caught up on some doctor appointments in the last two weeks and my general practitioner was really angry with me for letting it go so long.  I felt terrible after she told me that I put LO at risk.  She was surprised that I made it this long.  I admit that I did have visions of checking myself into the hospital and them caring for LO in the nursery.  She could sleep next to my bed in a little plastic crib like when she was first born.  You know, the LAST time I was given such good care.   I am a MOM and there is no time for much else.  When LO goes to college then I can catch up on a few things.   Maybe I will make a list so I don't forget.