Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vacation Activities

I have the week off soooooo it must be a great time to shove in a bunch of doctor appointments.  LO and I headed over to Cedars today to see a new doctor regarding her torticollis.  Torticollis can be caused by so many things that seeing all the docs at UCLA was getting tiring as no one was really saying anything but not signing off on not seeing her anymore.  UCLA was awesome but I needed a second person to tell me that all the appointments were necessary and I had been told that Cedars offered more of a one stop shop approach in regards to appointments which appealed to me.  We waited a lot longer but I felt a lot more confident with this doctor.  One of the first things he did was have LO and I take off our shoes and look at our hands and feet.  Since he is more based in genetics he is into drawing connections between traits and the reasons that things happen.  I was totally into it as it felt like more of an explanation instead of, "It just happens sometimes."  BTW--he couldn't draw any conclusions as our hands and feet are normal.

He also noticed a lot of the same things that I had observed but felt stupid saying.  Her left torticollis is basically healed but the physical therapy of mashing her right ear to her right shoulder created right torticollis so that is why her jaw is off and her cheek is drooping also accounting for the eyes being uneven.  I feel like it is ironic but I am not worried about it as it is not severe.  LO screamed bloody murder during the entire appointment even though the worst part was the manipulating of her neck which happens frequently.  All in all, I am really comfortable not going to any more appointments for her neck/head with the exception of the eye doctor.  I feel like I can watch it and go back to physical therapy if necessary.  She is old enough that her head shape is not going to move that much. 

The only sucky part was that he advised on no more kids until I had an operation as we had gotten lucky with LO and he warned of the different possibilities/outcomes that could have happened.  It made me a bit nervous but LO's new sassy attitude has made me weary of jumping on having more kids anyway.  I will talk to my doc about it but I am not going to run out and do it as it sounded fairly unpleasant.

While we were waiting for the doctor, I met another mom whose son has severe torticollis along with some sensory issues and severe reflux who is not sleeping.  We were doing the usual "who do you see for this or that," and she told me that LO had an old face and you could tell that he was going to have a wise old face  later in life.  I felt so bad for her as you could tell that she was struggling so I didn't correct her and I just went with it.  I nodded and said," Yes, he is going to be very wise."

Shots tomorrow for LO, yipppeeeee!

Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaacccccckkkkkkkk

We are back from our travels and I am sooooo happy to be home.  The trip was fun but very tiring and LO almost lost her mind a few times.  She had a cold, teething, too much excitement thing going on.  DH requested that I take her to the doctor as he feels she was a little cranky.  He thought it might be attributed to the reflux but I think it might be attributed to her getting upset when she doesn't get her way and him needing to be a little more firm.  In my mind I have a mock doctor visit with DH and the GI doctor.

GI Doc: What seems to the be the problem?

DH: I think we need to increase LO's medication

GI Doc: Crying during eating? Stomach Pain? Projectile vomiting?

DH: Yes to the crying but more when she wants my iPhone or I take away something.  I used to make a funny face and let her do whatever she wants as I am the nice one and my wife is the one who needs to do all of the mean gross stuff.

GI Doc: I can't really help you

DH: What do I do??!!!!!

I will post some pics of the trip and LO's first trip to a zoo.  She was somewhat impressed with the lemurs but a little unimpressed with everything else. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sigh of Relief

My holiday cards are here!! Yipppeeee! They came in the nick of time and again I under ordered. I ordered 20 more cards than last year and sent separate Hanukkah cards and I was still short on cards.  I don't know how that is possible as I am really not that popular.

I feel that I finally have a handle on the holidays and now I can enjoy.  I am sending the last batch of gifts today.  The total gift recipient count was 41 people not including toys for tots or the adopted family.   I don't know if that was up or down from last year but it seems excessive and stressful.  I am not going to think about it as I am finished and I do not have to cook the holiday meal.  Hurrayyyy!

So wrapping up 2010, it started out not so great, became wonderful at the end of the first quarter, got a little tough for a bit and we are ending on a high note.  2011 will bring a first birthday for LO, a happy 4 year wedding anniversary and a sad 10 year anniversary at the end of the year.  Overall,  I am looking forward to a new year and new adventures. 

Blogging has been great for me and I have to thank everyone that pushed me to do it especially Polka Dot Hippo and DH.  I love reading about your lives and children and trying to find some comedy in mine.  I love the comments and hope that you continue to care read about our family in 2011.  This mommy blogger is probably going to be scarce until the new year as there are parties to attend and LO loving to give.  Have a wonderful holiday and happy new year!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Calm the Crazy Lady

Ok, I am calming my bizness down. I may have been a teeny bit wound up last week but that is all about to change.  I have a three day work week and then I am with LO 24/7 for ten days straight!  I would be a teensy bit more excited if she hadn't been so cranky all weekend but c'est la vie.  There will be wine and sugar galore for the next ten days and then onto a big ass diet.  Yeah I said it, a big ass diet--pun intended.

I delivered my adopted family and a co-workers' adopted family gifts this weekend and it gave me a little perspective so I am feeling a bit better.  I am also 95% done with holiday shopping, DH's family gifts have been sent and my family gifts will be sent tomorrow as I rushed out the door this am and forgot them.  It may have been because I was so damn tired from waking up THREE times last night.  LO was acting like a newborn last night.  I woke DH up for his turn and he asked what he was supposed to do. 

LO is a sleeping champ who enjoys her sleep at night so three times is like, "Holy hell, rush this kid to the hospital." It may have been our crazy weekend as I let my aunt and uncle wake her up Saturday night and then no bath routine Sunday night or the flu shot on Friday. We are strict to the night routine but tend to lag during the day and it shows with crazy weird naps.  She woke up this am at 7:30 and she was coughing so we will see how that goes as this is what I had been dreading this season.  We have the steroids at the ready for the croup cough but I am going to try and avoid it as long as possible. 

In other news, LO and Anna went to a children's museum this weekend.  There was a little crawling room with a bunch of soft stuff for younger babes and LO was enjoying herself until she threw up and then the mommies wouldn't let their kids play near LO so we left.  A little reflux and you can clear a place.  The big hit was the water table which is kind of pure genius as it is a table with water and boats--always fun.  Obviously, the girls took it as serious business.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toilet Locks for the Holidays

Is it possible to emit a scream while smiling on the outside? I am slowly losing it as it all seems to be too much lately.  I can't figure out if it is the late nights that DH is working, the 18 extra gifts that he added to the list yesterday, job stress, the holidays or simply the miracle of crawling.  It might be a little of all of it but I can't take much more.  Anyone feeling the same??!

My house was baby proofed yesterday and I want to go around and rip 95% of the stuff out.  I had no idea how many times a day that I throw something away in the kitchen trash.  I am also FREAKED out by the toilet locks.  They seem unsanitary, unsettling and disgusting.  We were offered toilet locks that our friend was no longer using to help offset the cost of the 600 bones that I laid out for a bunch of annoying crap and I can't stop thinking about it.  We borrowed their gates, their Bumbo, their clothes, shoes, toys, socks, books, car seat, sleepers, baby gym and Boppy but I think we need to draw the line at second hand toilet locks.  When it comes to babies, I am all for borrowing and lending stuff.  I think you buy a few key items that you really like and borrow the rest if possible. But I am drawing the line at toilet locks.  Any other lines that I am missing??

LO partied with Anna yesterday until she couldn't take anymore.  I took her out of the car, put her into her pjs and medicated her and she never woke up.  

Monday, December 13, 2010

Separation Anxiety

LO has been very loving as of late which I love but it has been in a bit of, "Don't Leave ME EVER" kind of way.  I love holding her but other people want to love her and be with her.  Now that she is crawling (yeah!!) she uses that skill to climb on me so that no one can hold her.   My family thinks that I don't want to share her but it breaks my heart to hear her crying.  One of my fears with in home care was that she wouldn't be comfortable with new people but she is doing it with DH and Poppins as well.   If I am in the room, she has to be attached to me.  I sat one chair away last night at dinner and it wasn't close enough.  I don't want her to feel rejected by me but how do I help her feel secure with other people?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Xmas Card Drama

Erica is a big Etsy lover and is always telling me how everything is more unique and better quality on that site. I bought DH a personalized laundry bag on the site as a joke and it makes me laugh when I see it.  I also had an Etsyer do my new blog design--see pretty.  So instead of buying Kodak Gallery Xmas cards this year which I did for Hanukkah for $8, I dropped 100 bones on Etsy cards.  They look awesome and I am really excited except that I paid for them and the seller has gone MIA.  Then I went back and read more of her reviews and it seems to be a trend for her.  I am starting to get a bit nervous as I have emailed her and Etsyed her to death.  She was all over it before I gave her the money and now no communication for four days.  Christmas is not something you can just catch up with later, it has an expiration date.  How long do I wait before getting really upset?

Chocolates & Gifts

DH is home and I didn't realize that I had been holding my breath until he was back.  I was really happy to have him back and I did learn a few things while he was away. 
  • Two weeks is a long time
  • I can do it by myself but I really don't want to.
  • I need to coordinate with my single moms (shout out to y'all) and my moms who have traveling husbands and coordinate some trades as I need an hour to myself to work out or something.
  • I was happy to see him but when he pulled out chocolates and a nice gift, I was even happier.
  • He started organizing the house as soon as he walked through the door which makes me nervous but I know that he can't help himself and it is nice to have him do it.
  • LO started crying when he picked her up.  I would have crawled into the fetal position and howled like a wounded animal for hours but it didn't phase him.  He simply sat down next to her while I held her and she was fine with him within a minute.
  • He was up at 6:30am for a business call that included shouting into the phone and pacing. Sigh, all is back to normal.

Toy Review

Now that it has been a few days and we are playing with all of our new toys, I thought I would do a quick review on some favorites.   The favorites could change in a week but what LO really liked right away is this bubble bath from California Baby.  I don't pore it into the bath as it isn't fragrance free as I didn't know they had the super sensitive one but I use the wand to blow bubbles at her and some land in the bath making enough bubbles for the bath.  She is really fascinated and looks forward to it.  She watched them at first but now is trying to touch them.   I am really into it as I have a slight fear of bubbles and the grossness that makes weird clown bubbles but these are natural and it makes bath time special.

Another toy that she really enjoys is from grandma from Lakeshore Learning.  The 150 slot together animals that come in a nifty bin. The first day she was content to take one piece and play with it.  I thought that it was a big score as I didn't really want to pick up 150 pieces but she quickly moved on.  The adults are a little stumped on the toy as you can't build anything substantial but LO is really into knocking the bin over and being among the pieces.   She also likes to sample the multiple pieces and see if they taste different.   I know that this toy will send OCD DH over the edge when he returns. Bwahahahahahaaaa! 

We already lost one of the wooden flames for the awesome wooden Menorah which will irk him too. The cats seemed to enjoy playing with the "flame" as well so who knows what happened. The wooden pan, spatula, latkes and gold coins were a big success too.  We lost a gear to the most annoying  and most loved toy on earth months ago and DH still ponders what happened to the gear.  If I could find it, I would give it to him for Xmas.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Out of My Way

This past weekend at Mommy & Me (where someone gave LO a monster snotty cold) LO sat up on her own.  She just kind of hung out on all fours and then sat down almost on someone.  I was so excited and everyone started clapping.  I was hesitant to get too excited as sometimes she does things once and then NEVER does them again until forced.  

DH called and I told him and then he asked if she was crawling yet.  Way to rain on my excitement parade.  I am amazed at how children are so different as we went to lunch with another mommy and baby after the class who is pretty advanced and she sat in the high chair and FED herself!  LO laid in the booth like she didn't know how to sit and licked the menu while the baby FED herself and waved at people.   This baby is only two weeks older, has been crawling for months, is standing on her own and feeds herself with a whole bunch of teeth.  LO occasionally took a break from the menu to lick the booth.  I enjoyed myself with a glass of wine while the lick fest occurred.  Hey, there has to be some advantages to having a kid that doesn't leap towards the next milestone.

We went home and took a much needed nap and I turned the video monitor on and she was sitting up in her crib playing with the monitor so all you saw was a big eyeball.   I was so excited that I ran in there and she was so pleased with herself.  Then it all kind of came together for her and she started crawling a bit on Tuesday.  She is still figuring it out and sometimes sits when she means to crawl and she still ends up under the couch a good amount of time but there is forward movement!  She even lifts her hand when she is on all fours which I know is from all of the PT so I have to give credit to Dr. Doom and Despair Sophie.  She goes to see Dr Evil tomorrow so I am sure all of my excitement will be dashed but for right now, I could cry I am so happy.  As k said, there should definitely be cake involved!   We are also trying out a new doctor for the non PT medical part that I am pretty excited about.  I think it will result in less appointments as he takes care of the eyes, bones, muscles and head in one place.  Woohoo!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pay Up, It's the Holidays

I was recently asked to contribute to a group gift for someone that really was not on my radar for gift giving.  It was not a large personal sum but it added up to a decent amount of cash and it irked me.  I thought the group money would have been better spent on helping a less fortunate family or a funny gift exchange but I kept my mouth shut and put up the cash. 

I have no problem recognizing people that make my life easier throughout the year and there are a few key people. In addition to them, I plan to give cash to the UPS guy who never rings the doorbell in case LO is sleeping and always waves when he sees us in the neighborhood.  I don't plan on tipping the Fed-ex driver who repeatedly fails to deliver LO's formula or dents the cans.  The lady who cleans the alley every day will see a holiday card and cash but not the horrible gardener that floods the walkway.  

Do you think cash is always preferred or should I do a gift card?  Am I forgetting anyone that you like to recognize? 

I have included Emily Post's suggested holiday giving guide as a reference:

Service Provider Options Suggested Amount or Gift
Au pair or live-in nanny
Cash or consider a gift. This person works closely with your family and you probably know them well.
One week’s pay and a gift from your child(ren).

Regular babysitter
One evening’s pay and a small gift from your child(ren).

Day care provider
Cash or a gift for each staff member who works with your child(ren).
A gift from you or $25-$70 for each staff member and a small gift from your child(ren).

Live-in help (nanny, cook, butler, housekeeper)
Cash and a personal gift
One week to one month of pay as a cash tip, plus a gift from you.

Private nurse
A thoughtful gift from you.

Home health employees
Check with agency first about gifts or tipping policies. If there is a no gifts/tipping policy, consider a donation to the agency.
A thoughtful gift from you. (If gift-giving is not against company policy.)

Cash and/or a gift
Up to the amount of one week’s pay and/or a small gift.

Nursing home employees
A gift (not cash). Check company policy first.
A gift that could be shared by the staff (flowers or food items).

Cash or gift
Cost of one haircut or a gift.

Beauty salon staff
Cash or gift depending on whether you tip well after each service.
The cost of one salon visit divided for each staff member who works with you. Give individual cards or a small gift each for those who work on you.

Personal trainer
Cash or gift
Up to the cost of one session or a gift.

Massage therapist
Cash or gift
Up to the cost of one session or a gift.

Pet groomer
Cash or gift (if the same person grooms your pet all year).
Up to the cost of one session or a gift.

Dog walker
Cash or gift
Up to one week’s pay or a gift.

Personal caregiver
Cash or gift
Between one week to one month’s salary or a gift.

Pool cleaner
Cash or gift
The cost of one cleaning to be split among the crew.

Garage attendants
Cash or small gift
$10-30 or a small gift

Newspaper delivery person
Cash or small gift
$10-30 or a small gift

Mail carrier
Small gift only

Package deliverer
Small gift only, no cash. (Only if you receive regular deliveries.)
Small gift in the $20 range. Most delivery companies discourage or prohibit cash gifts.

Cash or gift
$20-80 or a gift

Cash or gift
$15-80. $15 or more each for multiple doormen, or a gift.

Elevator operator
Cash or gift
$15-40 each

Cash or gift
$15 to $40

Trash/Recycling collectors
Cash or gift (for private) check city regulations if it is a municipal service.
$10-30 each

Yard/Garden worker
Cash or gift
$20-50 each

Gift (not cash)
A small gift or note from you as well as a small gift from your child.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hanukkah, I Am Over You

I tried to make it all eight nights but the love affair ended last night when I gave LO the last toy from grandma, she threw up in the box and then started crying.  She has a little cold and her reflux has been crazy weird the last two days.  I think I need to get her dosage redone but I am trying to wait a little bit longer.  She sounded horrible last night on the monitor but she slept like a champ.  I went into her room this morning and she had dried snot from forehead to chin and all over lovey.  She was a happy snot machine.  She is also going through a little bit of separation anxiety which makes it hard to leave her as I keep giving one more hug.   I think Hanukkah was a success and I can celebrate any Jewish holiday by ordering at this site.  Hilarious! The only sad part was that DH missed all of it.

Now we are onto Christmas and I am going to let DH decide if he wants to get a tree.  That usually requires a trip to storage to get all of the gear so we will see.  I bought LO the obligatory ornament so she isn't upset at me at 23 for not marking her birth with some sort of bejazzled thing.  My only concern is that it is super fragile so it may not make it that many years.  I will have to photograph it extensively. 

DH's mom is the interesting giver of gifts and has already picked out gifts for the LO without consulting the wish list. DH called to tell me so that I was ready just in case something arrived before he was back.  He blames me for all of the gifts as he thinks I should have a better relationship with her.  One year we got a stained glass cat fireplace screen.   One day I dream of having a fireplace so that I can utilize such a masterpiece.  The first year we were dating she got him a fancy lighter.  I was secretly horrified as DH smoked at the time and I hoped that he would quit.  All I kept thinking of was the scene from the Breakfast Club as played by Judd Nelson, "Smoke up, Johnny."

My last gift that I need to buy but have no ideas is the Christmas/your pregnant gift but don't know the sex and we have been friends since 8th grade/you threw my baby shower.  What to get? I will have plenty of time to get a shower gift and all that jazz but need some je ne sais quoi.  Any suggestions?

Monday, December 6, 2010

One More Pic

LO pretending to be Austin Powers


I have been inspired by all of the cool Advent stuff that everyone has been doing! Wow, what creative mommies and fun traditions.  I decided to partake in some Hanukkah celebrating with the LO.  Unfortunately, getting home right before bath, bottle and bed can lead to gifts being given to LO while I get her bath ready on the floor of my bedroom.  I failed the first night but slowly improved.

Night 1: Bubbles with wand for her bath

Night 2: A book about Biscuit the Dog and Hanukkah

Night 3: We walked around at a holiday evening so no gift that night but she opened this one the next day.  A wooden Hanukkah set that she really likes.  That is a wooden latke that she is eating.

Night 4: Our aunt and cousin came over with gifts.  I think she looks like P Diddy in this coat.  If P. Diddy had prunes on his face and wore no pants.

Night 5: A tub of 150 plastic pieces from grandma which kept her entertained while I got food together.

Erica and Anna came over for a Hanukkah meal which was partially homemade and store bought but with love.  It is hard to put a proper meal together without someone to assist with watching the LO.  I thought this was cute as it looks like the girls are lighting the candles but really just getting ready to chew on the pieces.
I look sweaty but I am wearing a clean shirt for the occasion!

Friday, December 3, 2010

8 Months Old

We are a little late on the 8 month pictures and there are no great ones with the sign fully intact but every month it gets a bit harder than when she was like this.  

Am I certifiably crazy as I want another child?!  I am trying to be cool cat calm as I know there is a good chance that she will be our one and only but part of me already misses the tiny baby stage.  This is not to discount the many tears of frustration in the first 2 months or during pregnancy.  I just didn't know that it would go so fast or that she would be so independent.  Is it purely selfish reasons to want another baby to hold and love?

What if I turn into that crazy Michelle Duggar? Erica from Polka Dot Hippo would give another child as a gift to her first child.  That is a really nice gift!!  I want another for me as I feel like their is a little place in my heart that will always be empty if I don't have another.  Double hatred in the teenage years? Two children telling me that I suck?  If I only have one, I can fantasize that the other one wouldn't have hated me.  I love having one and I love being with her and two would make me stressed and nuts.  I told everyone that would listen and some that didn't care that there was no way I was having another.  One and done but the above picture haunts me as it is one of my favorites.  7lbs of goodness wrapped in the first teeny little dress that I bought for her.   Ok on with the pictures!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Finally some photographic evidence of the tooth!

Packing List for 8 month old

Here is my packing list for traveling by plane with LO for a three day/two night excursion.  We used a car service to the hotel that had a car seat and then walked everywhere.  A little sketchy but so worth it not to have the car seat.

Birth certificate
3 night diapers
Burp clothes
5 bottles
Ziploc bags - All sizes
Lovey - unwashed
Crib sheet - for Pack n Play or regular crib
Target blanket
2 sleepers thicker—trucks and flowers
1 book
Stroller & stroller blanket
Stroller cover
Formula can unopened
Formula 8oz -- 6 containers, pre-scooped formula into the Medela milk containers
Plum Organic Food with Boon spoon attachment (LO was suspicious and wouldn't eat it with crazy spoon)
Cups for medication
Syringes/Medicator for administration of medication
Ergo carrier – no insert
Paci wipes
Pacifier strap
Scented trash bags for the diapers
Baby Wash
Jumbo pack of diapers
2 Disposable changing pads
Little Tummies Gas Relief
Saline drops
Nasal aspirator
Dish washing liquid - bought there but will bring next time
Water- bought there
Navy fur boots
Gray skinny jeans
Cream coat
Navy long sleeve top
Gray cords
Owl hat
Fuzzy outfit
Sweater one piece
Gerber long sleeve tops
Dress & tights

Should have brought:
Bottle brush