Thursday, September 30, 2010

Smoothie Madness

OK, here is the situation.  I make a protein fruit smoothie before I leave for work, a good portion of mornings, so that I can consume on my way to work.  My diabetes nutritionist during my pregnancy developed the recipe to be diabetic friendly and I still like it.  The smoothie is purple and delicious.  DH thinks it tastes like garbage but I have gotten used to it.  I was getting out of the car with my empty smoothie glass yesterday morning and I dropped it.  There was enough left in the glass to splatter all over my white shirt, black capri business pants, leg and car.  I went upstairs and ran water over the shirt and the stains spread so I had a wet shirt with large purple splotches and the black pants had dried while I was trying to save the shirt and were now sticky.  I work in a pretty conservative office so I was a bit embarrassed.

My options:
1.  Go back to my house 45 minutes away and change
2.  Spend the day in the disgusting sticky clothes and never leave my office
3.  Put on my workout outfit that consisted of a ripped shirt that said "Whip It" with a roller skate on the front that DH had picked up for me in a bar. 
4.  Go to the mall at 10 am when it opened, only spending two hours in appalling outfit.

I snuck out and went to Old Navy where I found a cotton dress for $4 and a sweater for $20.  I was really upset that the sweater was $20 as the dress had been so inexpensive but I realized that the total for not spending the day in sticky clothes was only $27 with tax and I needed to get over it.  What would you have done? Do you keep extra clothes at the ready?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Family Pics

I have dreams of the perfect family picture. My hair looks amazing, my husband is looking at me with love and admiration and the baby looks happy and is smiling with no drool/spit-up in sight. I have mentioned our issues with pictures before.  LO is easy to get a good picture as we take a million and she doesn't move that much and still finds me to be somewhat amusing.  You throw DH and I into the pic and all h-e-double hockey sticks breaks loose.  First, I will not be photographed unless the hair is done as I hate my hair and need it to look halfway decent.  Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of energy for such activities so I try to avoid the camera.  Secondly, DH acts like someone is killing him so his smile is forced or he is overexcited and his mouth is open.

So I took matters into my own hands and hired a pro. We arrived at 8 am at the beach and it was freezing, foggy and not everyone was in a good mood.  Sara was amazing and she managed to take three unhappy anxious campers and make us look happy, somewhat in love and do a little retouching.  Check out the pics and let me know which ones you like!  I would love some honest opinions on what I should order as I have never done pro pics before.  Also, check the rest of her site as the baby pics are scrumptious.
Password: Lady

My favorite comments so far:
Aunt--"#3 makes you look gigantic. Not gigantic, but just so much bigger than LO and DH."
Me--"I am bigger than them"
Aunt--"Well, I wouldn't emphasize it."

DH--"I would like #6 for my office." 
Me-- "Any others?"
DH--"No, just that one"
Me in my head--"There is an ESSENTIAL person missing from that picture."

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

6 Months & Lovin' It!

This has to be the best age EVER! She is so damn cute and I want to squeeze her all the time! You never know how you will fare with a baby day to day with sleep, teeth, shots, sickness BUT today I love it!!!!

Yesterday was the hottest day on record so there was only one thing to do. Put on a pseudo snow suit and take pictures for your b-day!

Hey, no more kissing in front of peeps.

Thank you to Poppins for taking all the amazing pics throughout the day!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Ms. Know-it-All & Her Sidekick Blister Butt

When LO was still cooking, we signed her up for daycare in my traditional get one more thing off the checklist way.  We had to sign off on ten points of daycare including your kid will get sick and some will get sick a lot, the no biting policy and you can't call your kid a genius and expect special treatment.  I started crying on the way home from signing her up as I was convinced that she was going to be bitten as I was really shy as a kid. Now that LO is six months (boooyaaaaaa) I realize that she is more likely to bite someone and she is the kid that will get sick if someone coughs a mile away and everything gives her a reaction. 

So we start rice cereal this week and I did a ton of research on which is easiest on the tummy and any additives that may be in the cereal, blah, blah, blah.  There is a small group of people that might even be remotely interested and I am getting bored even writing about it.  So I end up asking people at Mommy & Me these inane questions and of course no one cares that much about rice cereal.  Why should they??? I end up sounding like a Know-it-All when all I am really trying to find is someone who has a kid that has a reaction from simple things like teething tablets like LO! Yes, you read correctly!

Poppins called me on Friday to tell me that LO was screaming and having a hard time breathing. I came home and she was breathing like she was having an asthma attack and had a horrible diaper rash with blisters. So I did some more research on Hyland's Teething Tablets and they have an inactive ingredient of lactose so we stopped giving them to her and the rash is down to one blister.  This incident has made me even more nervous for food but we are taking the leap this week and I am going to try and hide my obsessive Internet research habit a little better.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Eminem's Closet

I was cleaning out of my closet in the literal sense last night not like Eminem sings about and I started crying, so maybe closer to Eminem than I originally thought.  LO will be six months on Monday--woohoooo! Six months represents a lot of things for me and I have been feeling a little gloomy this week about it.

First the awesomeness of six months:
  1. 90% of SIDS deaths occur in kids under six months.  Sorry if you are reading and your baby is under six mos but yeah for the LO! It is something you think about but don't want to talk about and then the breathing thingy, you get my drift on being happy.
  2. During the first dark hard part. six months seemed as far away as winning the lottery but it is here!
  3. She has been sick twice and the scariness didn't come.  There were no scary hospital stays or steroid treatments. It has made me relax the tiniest bit.
  4. She is growing and has sailed closer to 40-50% rather than 10-15%.  I don't have to freak out when she doesn't eat enough.
  5. She is sitting up and it is so much better for her breathing, digestion, etc.
  6. I finally fit into most of my clothes and I feel like the last part of me is back to "normal." I always feel so much better after I switch seasons in my closet. One year I am going to stop hauling out the short shorts and admit that I only wear Bermudas but until then I go through the exercise.
Scary part of six months:
  1. She has to try food which is scaring me.  I have said no to any testing until she tries food. So this is when the rubber meets the road and we find out what path we are going on.  Princess O's mom has scared me (I know she didn't mean to) and I have been dreading this milestone a bit.
  2. Most of the doctors said that we would not see an improvement in LO's respiratory health until one year and at the most two years which seemed like 10 years when she was six weeks old and miserable.  Now I understand that it is manageable through medication,  cleanliness, diligence about surroundings and people, etc. so it is not so terrible.  But two doctors told me that she might be "healed" by six months.  I knew three weeks ago when she was scoped and they saw no improvement that it wouldn't be six months. But a little part of me didn't admit how crushed I felt.  No improvement??!! A teeny part of me wonders how can it improve in the next six months if it hasn't improved at all in the first six months!!
  3. Shots--it didn't go so well last time.
So anyway it is the weekend, I took my pity pants off and I get to spend two whole days with my pumpkin head!  Monday, we will wake up and race into her room to wish her a happy six month birthday and there will be no sadness involved.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Swing Documentation

First push on the swing

Pro swinger 3 days later

Hanging at the park after swing workout

85% of my pictures show tongue.  Is she a KISS fan or what? Any clues??

Talking about the park

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fame Stolen

This man has stolen my fame! He got in the crib with his baby and 500k people were interested.  I've been in and out of the crib for months. sigh

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Hat, New High Chair, New Toy, Same Baby

Book Reviews

Last week sucked as the LO gave me her cold and then we were both sick and miserable.  She had to sleep in her Nap Nanny so she slept in our room and now her sleeping is really terrible. We missed services on Saturday so she was unable to wear her special outfit and I broke my computer.  I tried to fix it myself and ended up losing half the screws for the stupid thing.  My diet seems to be working somewhat as I lost three pounds--yeahhhhh!! But the weight seems to have come off my feet and stomach--boooooo.  My thighs are still thunderlicious.

We were both feeling better on Sunday afternoon so DH and I took LO to the park for her first try at the swings and she loved it!  She was soooooo cute with her red sunglasses and a burp cloth over her head as I forgot a hat.  I thought she would be holding on but she just sat back and enjoyed the ride. I will post pics later in the week. 

The Girl with the Dragon TattooAlthough I was sick I did get some time to read a few books over the week. I am going to start with the best book as I was really surprised! I bought, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo about a year ago and looked at it forever and never read it.  I tried to get into it but was confused by all the crazy names so I gave it away.  When the movie came out, I picked the book up again and read the back and thought about trying again but was mad that I had already paid for the book and not read it.  Then I heard there was a violent rape scene and I decided against reading.  BUT I was at Target and it was on sale right on my way to the baby section and I bought it! I loved the book and it kept me guessing the whole time. I will definitely read the other two books. I did feel the rape scenes were extremely violent and graphic but I was prepared for it.  

From Publishers Weekly
"Cases rarely come much colder than the decades-old disappearance of teen heiress Harriet Vanger from her family's remote island retreat north of Stockholm, nor do fiction debuts hotter than this European bestseller by muckraking Swedish journalist Larsson. At once a strikingly original thriller and a vivisection of Sweden's dirty not-so-little secrets (as suggested by its original title, Men Who Hate Women), this first of a trilogy introduces a provocatively odd couple: disgraced financial journalist Mikael Blomkvist, freshly sentenced to jail for libeling a shady businessman, and the multipierced and tattooed Lisbeth Salander, a feral but vulnerable superhacker. Hired by octogenarian industrialist Henrik Vanger, who wants to find out what happened to his beloved great-niece before he dies, the duo gradually uncover a festering morass of familial corruption—at the same time, Larsson skillfully bares some of the similar horrors that have left Salander such a marked woman." Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Last Night at Chateau Marmont: A NovelThe second book that I read was by the author of The Devil Wears Prada.  Lauren Weisberger's new book is Last Night at Chateau Marmont.  I love Chateau Marmont as it seems mysterious and some very Hollywood events happened at the hotel, James Belushi died, James Dean auditioned for Rebel Without A Cause and Lindsay Lohan lived there for a year.  The book was not really about the hotel--boooo.  It was a good fictional story about a singer that hits the one in a million odds of making it in the music industry.  I really liked The Devil Wears Prada and I have her three other books but they have not really come close to her her first book.  This was the best book since her original.  My standards may have been low as I read her two bad books and then this one. 

From Publishers Weekly
"Brooke and Julian Alter are a happy couple--she's a nutritionist working two jobs to support them, he's a talented musician with a low-level recording contract--but when Julian hits it big in The Devil Wears Prada author Weisberger's not-ready-for-prime-time latest, their marriage wobbles under the strain of fame. Suddenly Julian is traveling nonstop, a pawn of his manager and publicist, and Brooke tries to balance her career with her desire to back him up. Paparazzi stalk their every move (believable in his case, less so in hers); her job is threatened by her repeated absences to attend events like Julian's Grammy appearance; and their shared giddiness dissipates as they are divided--physically and emotionally--as a couple. It takes many dozens of pages and a number of by-the-way announcements that might have ratcheted up the tension if they'd been part of the story to get Brooke and Julian into a crisis, unsurprising though that crisis may be. Weisberger has insightful takes about the price of success in our celebrity-obsessed culture." Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

3 out of 5 stars

Mortal Friends: A NovelMy last book that I read, "Mortal Friends," was a silly mystery that I picked up on the bargain book table and it was an easy mystery read that involved no thought and could be read while sleeping.  If you see it and want a good cheap not scary mystery.  Her other book was a bestseller so I thought, "eh, what the hey!"

From Publishers Weekly
"In bestseller Hitchcock's whirling and suspenseful comedy of manners, gauche, aggressive Cynthia Rinehart, a self-made millionairess, explodes onto the philanthropy scene and the grand dames of old money Washington collectively clutch their husbands. Meanwhile, the Beltway Basher, suspected to be a member of the D.C. elite, continues to bump off young brunettes. Reven Lynch, an unmarried antique-shop owner, is tapped to play society informant, perhaps because her love interest, notorious playboy (and the D.C. version of Sex and the City's Mr. Big) Bob Poll, is also a person of interest in the case. Gossip, manipulation and infidelity all happen behind Washington's velvet curtain, and it's the stuff of high school, but with higher—nay, deadlier—stakes. And among the backbiting, Hitchcock (Social Crimes) manages to stew a convincing homicide plot, peppered with enough red herrings to keep the reader guessing, and guessing again, to the novel's neat finish." Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved

2.5 out of 5 stars

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dieting Sucks!

I am on a diet.  There I said it! It sucks and I hate it.  I am on a full blown, get off your ass, time to loose the baby weight before another season rolls around and I have to buy another set of bigger bottoms.  All I can think about is food, mostly sugar and bread products so I have made a list of every weak spot/yearning/sugar sadness!!

Damn you:
  1. Susie Cakes for making a celebration cake that has confetti in it and selling it by the slice!!
  2. Vanilla Bakery for making bite sized cupcakes and requiring me to buy 3.
  3. Nestle Tollhouse for having the best cookie dough recipe and forcing me to make them all the time and eat the dough and get a tummy ache and then make the cookies and revel in their warm goodness!
  4. Vic's Mint Chip Ice Ceam and Mocha Chip shakes--aaahhhhhhhhh!
  5. See's Candy for all of your milk chocolate, caramel and almond selections and not offering calorie count so I can almost convince myself that they are not that bad.
  6. Betty Crocker for making a delicious box cake.
  7. Inventor of sourdough bread.
  8. Peanut butter and chocolate for tasting so good together.
  9. Alcohol for a million reasons
  10. And to my old friends who I had to give up in my mid-twenties.  Our time together was too short-- Twinkies, Doritos, Cool Ranch Doritos, Cheetos and Pepsi.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inspector Gadget

Even sick babies are not safe from the phone camera.


As I was racing home from work on Monday evening after leaving 30 minutes late, I was choreographing the evening in my mind.  Spend an hour with LO for bath, bottle, bed and then off to bed for her by 7:15, giving me 20 minutes to eat dinner and then on the computer for the 8 pm launch of our new site.  I wondered to myself if this was "having it all."  I felt like I was starting to find my groove again at work, LO had been enjoying her doctor reprieve and we have all been sleeping.  Ahhhhhhhhh, I walked through the door and LO started crying when she saw me.  I assumed that she was sad to see Poppins go but it should have been clue #1.  She was impossible to put to sleep and I started getting anxious which didn't help anything.  Thankfully DH came home and was able to take over as I ended up on a two hour conference call and LO woke up every 20 minutes screaming. 

Conference call ended at 10 pm and then it was off to mommy duty of holding my sick baby as she struggled to breathe.  I had been in denial that she was sick all evening but realized that it was the coughs at Mommy & Me or the sick uncle that were probably to blame.   So a simple cold/sniffle should be no big deal but for the LO it is a big deal as she simply can't breathe without struggling and needs to be in a sitting position especially at night.  The doctor blamed the reflux and largyngomelacia coupled with me not upping the dose that she recommended, a cold and some teething discomfort.  So I upped the medication last night which led to her screaming in pain and the saddest cry.  The doctor claims that the medication would not give her that reaction so quickly but it happens every time I up the medication so I am skeptical of her "wisdom."

DH and I sometimes try to convince ourselves that the raspy breathing is getting better or that she has hit that plateau but then I listen to video from the hospital and it sounds exactly the same.  I had big plans of music class for LO and Poppins and some other activities in the coming months but it is back to the bubble for LO where she will hide and hope for the best this cold and flu season.  So if you are coming to my house or going to hold the LO, wash your hands, mind your health or I might send her to your house for the weeks that it takes her to get over a cold.

PS We have been using the nap nanny under close supervision on the floor as she is so uncomfortable being held.

PPS I know there a lot of other babies that have it way worse than LO and I am grateful but just a little tired.

Monday, September 13, 2010


The outfit vote was decided when Grandma chose the first outfit and express shipped it overnight to LO.  Even the box is cute--damn you expensive baby clothes. Thanks, grandma! I promised that I would only buy LO clothes from Target and Old Navy as they have awesome cute clothes, sigh. 

We went to Shabbat dinner on Friday night as my grandfather was visiting and it was nice to see the family.  Everyone took a bunch of pictures that I sadly look sweaty and weird in.  The sad part being that I had actually made an effort.  As we were finishing Shabbat dinner at a large table, my grandfather "whispered" that LO didn't look Jewish to my aunt.  The whole table heard and I was a bit embarrassed for no particular reason. I blurted something out that made no sense and the subject was dropped.  Weirdness

Sunday at 8 am, we went to the beach to take family pictures.  Family pictures go something like this, I am stressed out and forget a crucial piece of makeup or my bra is showing, DH smiles weird or doesn't look at the camera and LO is usually in a bad mood.  I decided we needed a professional as our other photo shoots with the three of us taken by friends had not gone well and usually ended in a fight.  It was freezing cold and I had decided on white shirts and jeans for the beach with LO in a white dress.  The outfit was uncreative and should have been for a July photo shoot not September and LO was not very flexible.  I felt bad as the photographer was super nice and brought great props.  The shoot ended with a breakdown and a super sad face.  The happy part was that it seemed like DH made an effort to smile and we were talking at the end.  We even went to brunch to celebrate. Sara Driscoll is the photographer that we used.  I am hoping that we achieved something like she has on her site and not

Friday, September 10, 2010

5 Reasons You Should Not Invite Us to Stay at Your House

  1. I will ask if I can throw a BBQ and invite 25 of my closest family members plus their hanger-ons with four days notice.
  2. My husband will tell you that your deck on your brand new house has rotted and needs to be replaced even though he has no contracting experience and works behind a computer all day.
  3. My baby will have an explosion on your nice towels that you received as a wedding gift.
  4. My father will speculate on how much you paid for your house with all of the guests at above mentioned BBQ
  5. My cousins will feed your dog all their food and non-food items including plastic balls, silly string and other small objects.
You have been warned......

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Advice Needed

LO and I will be attending services at my aunt's temple on September 18 for Break the Fast/Yom Kippur in the evening. I am trying to decide on an outfit as LO has no formal wear and I hear that the "babies are dressed to the 11s." I am not a pouffe fan but it seems like that is all there is for little babies. I am going to put pictures of possible outfits if you could please vote!  I am worried that the first outfit that I prefer is too casual. I may have to get the trench either way.

First option:

Second option:

Pictures From Our Trip

Chilling at the airport waiting to check our bags in
Hanging with grandpa and great-grandpa
Me trying to convince a skeptical crowd that LO looks like me as a baby

Sleeping on grandma

Hanging with aunts & cousins at my BBQ

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Plane Trip

LO took her first plane trip this weekend to Sacramento to see family.  She was really great on the plane and we were lucky to have a seat for her there and back.  We boarded the plane on Saturday morning and the stewardess grabbed her from John and took her down the aisle and into the cockpit to meet the pilots.  She was happy until she met the pilots and then she got a little scared.  They even sang a song to her over the intercom, it was pretty cute.  I fed her a bottle on take-off and she was happy.  She climbed all over the seats the whole trip and then took the binky on the descent and was fine.  We were one of the first to deplane and we stood at the gate while DH got the stroller and she greeted everyone as they got off the plane.  She loved all the attention.  On the way back, we flew home with a few people that had been on the plane there and they said, "Look there is that famous baby." DH and I thought it was funny and we were glad that the plane trip went smoothly.

I have attached my packing list as a reference for anyone travelling with a 5 month old for a two night trip.

3 night diapers
Burp clothes
5 bottles - I ended up taking 4 and should have had 5
Ziploc bags - All sizes
Lovey - unwashed
Crib sheet - for Pack n Play
Aden & Anais blanket
Thicker blanket to lay on
Brown changing pad from diaper bag
2 sleepers thicker
1 thin sleeper - didn't use
Sterilizing bag - Medela works well as you can use 20 times
1 board book
Squeeky toy - a little annoying for the plane
Stroller cover
Car seat
Sippy cup
Formula can unopened
Medela Breastmilk Freezing & Storage (*BPA Free) 12 Pack of 80ml Bottles in Retail Packaging #87061Formula 8oz -- 4 containers, I pre-scooped formula into the Medela milk containers
Syringes/Medicator for administration of medication
Ergo carrier – no insert
Paci wipes
Pacifier strap
Scented trash bags for the diapers
One water bottle
Baby Wash
Wash clothes

I shipped the following to the location:
Jumbo pack of diapers
Disposable changing pads
2 books
An inflatable bathtub that I will use when I visit again

What I was missing:
Little Tummies Gas Relief
Nail clippers
Baby lotion
Dish washing liquid

Friday, September 3, 2010

7 Things that Made Me Chuckle

1.  LO has been talking up a storm and DH said he heard her talking in the middle of the night.  Wow, she must be DH's daughter.

2.  Two friends had babies this week and they are so darn cute but they both look like their dads! Oh, the irony of all that work.

3.  My cousin started kindergarten and she is so stinkin cute but I love the second pic of all the parents in the back of the class with their cameras.  They will have to remove me from LO's classroom as I will be a crazy picture fool.

4. My brother put the following post on Facebook about an article that said college was a waste of money, "pretty good article i just read, makes me rethink alllot of things." Classic
5.  LO has a friend that is crawling, sitting up on her own and has two teeth! Wow, LO barely rolls over and all I can do is laugh. It is freeing to have the kid that is the last to do everything.
6.  I went to get a massage last night and the lady said she could tell that I was stressed out and ate too much sugar and then she jumped on the table on all fours over me and put her knees into my butt.  Although startling, it felt amazing.
7.  I've been watching Jersey Shore and enjoying it.  I have to laugh that in the little time I have to myself, I watch the "Situation."

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Janie & Jack Sale

This store is like a drug to me.  I hate the store as it is soooo pricey and the clothes are ridiculous but so darn adorable.  BUT they just marked down their sale even more!  We are heavily invested in the Ice Cream Social collection even though Summer is ending.  Argggggggggggg

Check it out!

Temper Tantrum

I get home from work around 5:45 PM, change my clothes, get LO's stuff together for her night and then begin Bath, Bottle, Bed at 6 PM and off to bed at 7 PM.   This is LO's version of GTL.  There is not much time for anything else so when I get home a little bit early, I like to read books with her or talk a bit.  Last night, I arrived home from work 30 minutes early so we talked and then read three books. 

We were finishing the last book and I picked her up to put her against my knees so we could sing and I could look at her and she started screaming.  Screaming with her face red, eyes squeezed shut and fists clenched at her side so I assumed that I had hurt or scared her.  I opened the book back up and was about to put her over my shoulder to comfort her and she saw the book was open and started smiling and was ready to start reading again.  I was amazed as I realized that I had just seen my first full tantrum.  She will protest when we put her in the car seat or to bed but never with a full red face and fists clenched.  I couldn't believe that she was that upset over a book and I was scared for what was in the future.  In honor of her first full blown tantrum, I have posted some of my favorite "mad" pictures.