Friday, December 10, 2010

Xmas Card Drama

Erica is a big Etsy lover and is always telling me how everything is more unique and better quality on that site. I bought DH a personalized laundry bag on the site as a joke and it makes me laugh when I see it.  I also had an Etsyer do my new blog design--see pretty.  So instead of buying Kodak Gallery Xmas cards this year which I did for Hanukkah for $8, I dropped 100 bones on Etsy cards.  They look awesome and I am really excited except that I paid for them and the seller has gone MIA.  Then I went back and read more of her reviews and it seems to be a trend for her.  I am starting to get a bit nervous as I have emailed her and Etsyed her to death.  She was all over it before I gave her the money and now no communication for four days.  Christmas is not something you can just catch up with later, it has an expiration date.  How long do I wait before getting really upset?