Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Vacation Activities

I have the week off soooooo it must be a great time to shove in a bunch of doctor appointments.  LO and I headed over to Cedars today to see a new doctor regarding her torticollis.  Torticollis can be caused by so many things that seeing all the docs at UCLA was getting tiring as no one was really saying anything but not signing off on not seeing her anymore.  UCLA was awesome but I needed a second person to tell me that all the appointments were necessary and I had been told that Cedars offered more of a one stop shop approach in regards to appointments which appealed to me.  We waited a lot longer but I felt a lot more confident with this doctor.  One of the first things he did was have LO and I take off our shoes and look at our hands and feet.  Since he is more based in genetics he is into drawing connections between traits and the reasons that things happen.  I was totally into it as it felt like more of an explanation instead of, "It just happens sometimes."  BTW--he couldn't draw any conclusions as our hands and feet are normal.

He also noticed a lot of the same things that I had observed but felt stupid saying.  Her left torticollis is basically healed but the physical therapy of mashing her right ear to her right shoulder created right torticollis so that is why her jaw is off and her cheek is drooping also accounting for the eyes being uneven.  I feel like it is ironic but I am not worried about it as it is not severe.  LO screamed bloody murder during the entire appointment even though the worst part was the manipulating of her neck which happens frequently.  All in all, I am really comfortable not going to any more appointments for her neck/head with the exception of the eye doctor.  I feel like I can watch it and go back to physical therapy if necessary.  She is old enough that her head shape is not going to move that much. 

The only sucky part was that he advised on no more kids until I had an operation as we had gotten lucky with LO and he warned of the different possibilities/outcomes that could have happened.  It made me a bit nervous but LO's new sassy attitude has made me weary of jumping on having more kids anyway.  I will talk to my doc about it but I am not going to run out and do it as it sounded fairly unpleasant.

While we were waiting for the doctor, I met another mom whose son has severe torticollis along with some sensory issues and severe reflux who is not sleeping.  We were doing the usual "who do you see for this or that," and she told me that LO had an old face and you could tell that he was going to have a wise old face  later in life.  I felt so bad for her as you could tell that she was struggling so I didn't correct her and I just went with it.  I nodded and said," Yes, he is going to be very wise."

Shots tomorrow for LO, yipppeeeee!