Friday, December 10, 2010

Toy Review

Now that it has been a few days and we are playing with all of our new toys, I thought I would do a quick review on some favorites.   The favorites could change in a week but what LO really liked right away is this bubble bath from California Baby.  I don't pore it into the bath as it isn't fragrance free as I didn't know they had the super sensitive one but I use the wand to blow bubbles at her and some land in the bath making enough bubbles for the bath.  She is really fascinated and looks forward to it.  She watched them at first but now is trying to touch them.   I am really into it as I have a slight fear of bubbles and the grossness that makes weird clown bubbles but these are natural and it makes bath time special.

Another toy that she really enjoys is from grandma from Lakeshore Learning.  The 150 slot together animals that come in a nifty bin. The first day she was content to take one piece and play with it.  I thought that it was a big score as I didn't really want to pick up 150 pieces but she quickly moved on.  The adults are a little stumped on the toy as you can't build anything substantial but LO is really into knocking the bin over and being among the pieces.   She also likes to sample the multiple pieces and see if they taste different.   I know that this toy will send OCD DH over the edge when he returns. Bwahahahahahaaaa! 

We already lost one of the wooden flames for the awesome wooden Menorah which will irk him too. The cats seemed to enjoy playing with the "flame" as well so who knows what happened. The wooden pan, spatula, latkes and gold coins were a big success too.  We lost a gear to the most annoying  and most loved toy on earth months ago and DH still ponders what happened to the gear.  If I could find it, I would give it to him for Xmas.