Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toilet Locks for the Holidays

Is it possible to emit a scream while smiling on the outside? I am slowly losing it as it all seems to be too much lately.  I can't figure out if it is the late nights that DH is working, the 18 extra gifts that he added to the list yesterday, job stress, the holidays or simply the miracle of crawling.  It might be a little of all of it but I can't take much more.  Anyone feeling the same??!

My house was baby proofed yesterday and I want to go around and rip 95% of the stuff out.  I had no idea how many times a day that I throw something away in the kitchen trash.  I am also FREAKED out by the toilet locks.  They seem unsanitary, unsettling and disgusting.  We were offered toilet locks that our friend was no longer using to help offset the cost of the 600 bones that I laid out for a bunch of annoying crap and I can't stop thinking about it.  We borrowed their gates, their Bumbo, their clothes, shoes, toys, socks, books, car seat, sleepers, baby gym and Boppy but I think we need to draw the line at second hand toilet locks.  When it comes to babies, I am all for borrowing and lending stuff.  I think you buy a few key items that you really like and borrow the rest if possible. But I am drawing the line at toilet locks.  Any other lines that I am missing??

LO partied with Anna yesterday until she couldn't take anymore.  I took her out of the car, put her into her pjs and medicated her and she never woke up.