Monday, December 13, 2010

Separation Anxiety

LO has been very loving as of late which I love but it has been in a bit of, "Don't Leave ME EVER" kind of way.  I love holding her but other people want to love her and be with her.  Now that she is crawling (yeah!!) she uses that skill to climb on me so that no one can hold her.   My family thinks that I don't want to share her but it breaks my heart to hear her crying.  One of my fears with in home care was that she wouldn't be comfortable with new people but she is doing it with DH and Poppins as well.   If I am in the room, she has to be attached to me.  I sat one chair away last night at dinner and it wasn't close enough.  I don't want her to feel rejected by me but how do I help her feel secure with other people?