Thursday, December 2, 2010

Packing List for 8 month old

Here is my packing list for traveling by plane with LO for a three day/two night excursion.  We used a car service to the hotel that had a car seat and then walked everywhere.  A little sketchy but so worth it not to have the car seat.

Birth certificate
3 night diapers
Burp clothes
5 bottles
Ziploc bags - All sizes
Lovey - unwashed
Crib sheet - for Pack n Play or regular crib
Target blanket
2 sleepers thicker—trucks and flowers
1 book
Stroller & stroller blanket
Stroller cover
Formula can unopened
Formula 8oz -- 6 containers, pre-scooped formula into the Medela milk containers
Plum Organic Food with Boon spoon attachment (LO was suspicious and wouldn't eat it with crazy spoon)
Cups for medication
Syringes/Medicator for administration of medication
Ergo carrier – no insert
Paci wipes
Pacifier strap
Scented trash bags for the diapers
Baby Wash
Jumbo pack of diapers
2 Disposable changing pads
Little Tummies Gas Relief
Saline drops
Nasal aspirator
Dish washing liquid - bought there but will bring next time
Water- bought there
Navy fur boots
Gray skinny jeans
Cream coat
Navy long sleeve top
Gray cords
Owl hat
Fuzzy outfit
Sweater one piece
Gerber long sleeve tops
Dress & tights

Should have brought:
Bottle brush