Thursday, December 9, 2010

Out of My Way

This past weekend at Mommy & Me (where someone gave LO a monster snotty cold) LO sat up on her own.  She just kind of hung out on all fours and then sat down almost on someone.  I was so excited and everyone started clapping.  I was hesitant to get too excited as sometimes she does things once and then NEVER does them again until forced.  

DH called and I told him and then he asked if she was crawling yet.  Way to rain on my excitement parade.  I am amazed at how children are so different as we went to lunch with another mommy and baby after the class who is pretty advanced and she sat in the high chair and FED herself!  LO laid in the booth like she didn't know how to sit and licked the menu while the baby FED herself and waved at people.   This baby is only two weeks older, has been crawling for months, is standing on her own and feeds herself with a whole bunch of teeth.  LO occasionally took a break from the menu to lick the booth.  I enjoyed myself with a glass of wine while the lick fest occurred.  Hey, there has to be some advantages to having a kid that doesn't leap towards the next milestone.

We went home and took a much needed nap and I turned the video monitor on and she was sitting up in her crib playing with the monitor so all you saw was a big eyeball.   I was so excited that I ran in there and she was so pleased with herself.  Then it all kind of came together for her and she started crawling a bit on Tuesday.  She is still figuring it out and sometimes sits when she means to crawl and she still ends up under the couch a good amount of time but there is forward movement!  She even lifts her hand when she is on all fours which I know is from all of the PT so I have to give credit to Dr. Doom and Despair Sophie.  She goes to see Dr Evil tomorrow so I am sure all of my excitement will be dashed but for right now, I could cry I am so happy.  As k said, there should definitely be cake involved!   We are also trying out a new doctor for the non PT medical part that I am pretty excited about.  I think it will result in less appointments as he takes care of the eyes, bones, muscles and head in one place.  Woohoo!