Monday, December 6, 2010


I have been inspired by all of the cool Advent stuff that everyone has been doing! Wow, what creative mommies and fun traditions.  I decided to partake in some Hanukkah celebrating with the LO.  Unfortunately, getting home right before bath, bottle and bed can lead to gifts being given to LO while I get her bath ready on the floor of my bedroom.  I failed the first night but slowly improved.

Night 1: Bubbles with wand for her bath

Night 2: A book about Biscuit the Dog and Hanukkah

Night 3: We walked around at a holiday evening so no gift that night but she opened this one the next day.  A wooden Hanukkah set that she really likes.  That is a wooden latke that she is eating.

Night 4: Our aunt and cousin came over with gifts.  I think she looks like P Diddy in this coat.  If P. Diddy had prunes on his face and wore no pants.

Night 5: A tub of 150 plastic pieces from grandma which kept her entertained while I got food together.

Erica and Anna came over for a Hanukkah meal which was partially homemade and store bought but with love.  It is hard to put a proper meal together without someone to assist with watching the LO.  I thought this was cute as it looks like the girls are lighting the candles but really just getting ready to chew on the pieces.
I look sweaty but I am wearing a clean shirt for the occasion!