Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hanukkah, I Am Over You

I tried to make it all eight nights but the love affair ended last night when I gave LO the last toy from grandma, she threw up in the box and then started crying.  She has a little cold and her reflux has been crazy weird the last two days.  I think I need to get her dosage redone but I am trying to wait a little bit longer.  She sounded horrible last night on the monitor but she slept like a champ.  I went into her room this morning and she had dried snot from forehead to chin and all over lovey.  She was a happy snot machine.  She is also going through a little bit of separation anxiety which makes it hard to leave her as I keep giving one more hug.   I think Hanukkah was a success and I can celebrate any Jewish holiday by ordering at this site.  Hilarious! The only sad part was that DH missed all of it.

Now we are onto Christmas and I am going to let DH decide if he wants to get a tree.  That usually requires a trip to storage to get all of the gear so we will see.  I bought LO the obligatory ornament so she isn't upset at me at 23 for not marking her birth with some sort of bejazzled thing.  My only concern is that it is super fragile so it may not make it that many years.  I will have to photograph it extensively. 

DH's mom is the interesting giver of gifts and has already picked out gifts for the LO without consulting the wish list. DH called to tell me so that I was ready just in case something arrived before he was back.  He blames me for all of the gifts as he thinks I should have a better relationship with her.  One year we got a stained glass cat fireplace screen.   One day I dream of having a fireplace so that I can utilize such a masterpiece.  The first year we were dating she got him a fancy lighter.  I was secretly horrified as DH smoked at the time and I hoped that he would quit.  All I kept thinking of was the scene from the Breakfast Club as played by Judd Nelson, "Smoke up, Johnny."

My last gift that I need to buy but have no ideas is the Christmas/your pregnant gift but don't know the sex and we have been friends since 8th grade/you threw my baby shower.  What to get? I will have plenty of time to get a shower gift and all that jazz but need some je ne sais quoi.  Any suggestions?