Monday, December 20, 2010

Calm the Crazy Lady

Ok, I am calming my bizness down. I may have been a teeny bit wound up last week but that is all about to change.  I have a three day work week and then I am with LO 24/7 for ten days straight!  I would be a teensy bit more excited if she hadn't been so cranky all weekend but c'est la vie.  There will be wine and sugar galore for the next ten days and then onto a big ass diet.  Yeah I said it, a big ass diet--pun intended.

I delivered my adopted family and a co-workers' adopted family gifts this weekend and it gave me a little perspective so I am feeling a bit better.  I am also 95% done with holiday shopping, DH's family gifts have been sent and my family gifts will be sent tomorrow as I rushed out the door this am and forgot them.  It may have been because I was so damn tired from waking up THREE times last night.  LO was acting like a newborn last night.  I woke DH up for his turn and he asked what he was supposed to do. 

LO is a sleeping champ who enjoys her sleep at night so three times is like, "Holy hell, rush this kid to the hospital." It may have been our crazy weekend as I let my aunt and uncle wake her up Saturday night and then no bath routine Sunday night or the flu shot on Friday. We are strict to the night routine but tend to lag during the day and it shows with crazy weird naps.  She woke up this am at 7:30 and she was coughing so we will see how that goes as this is what I had been dreading this season.  We have the steroids at the ready for the croup cough but I am going to try and avoid it as long as possible. 

In other news, LO and Anna went to a children's museum this weekend.  There was a little crawling room with a bunch of soft stuff for younger babes and LO was enjoying herself until she threw up and then the mommies wouldn't let their kids play near LO so we left.  A little reflux and you can clear a place.  The big hit was the water table which is kind of pure genius as it is a table with water and boats--always fun.  Obviously, the girls took it as serious business.