Friday, December 3, 2010

8 Months Old

We are a little late on the 8 month pictures and there are no great ones with the sign fully intact but every month it gets a bit harder than when she was like this.  

Am I certifiably crazy as I want another child?!  I am trying to be cool cat calm as I know there is a good chance that she will be our one and only but part of me already misses the tiny baby stage.  This is not to discount the many tears of frustration in the first 2 months or during pregnancy.  I just didn't know that it would go so fast or that she would be so independent.  Is it purely selfish reasons to want another baby to hold and love?

What if I turn into that crazy Michelle Duggar? Erica from Polka Dot Hippo would give another child as a gift to her first child.  That is a really nice gift!!  I want another for me as I feel like their is a little place in my heart that will always be empty if I don't have another.  Double hatred in the teenage years? Two children telling me that I suck?  If I only have one, I can fantasize that the other one wouldn't have hated me.  I love having one and I love being with her and two would make me stressed and nuts.  I told everyone that would listen and some that didn't care that there was no way I was having another.  One and done but the above picture haunts me as it is one of my favorites.  7lbs of goodness wrapped in the first teeny little dress that I bought for her.   Ok on with the pictures!