Wednesday, November 17, 2010

WTF Midget

Someone decided that LO was too small again as I have been getting a lot of questions again about her size?! I dress her in larger clothes and shoes and I feel like she weighs a ton.  3-6 months are what fits but I feel like she is insulted so we dress her in 6-12 month clothes and she just sags.  It started less than a week ago.  She had the stomach flu but caught back up again with her eating.  One guy went as far as telling me his story about his preemie daughter and then thought I would chime in. I had no idea what to say and felt stupid and sad about his story.  Maybe it is the "Give me your unsolicited opinion season."

LO has the odds stacked against her that she is going to stay a midget.  I am tall but I come from a family filled with gnomes.  In a lot of pictures I look like the friendly giant oaf.  DH's family is short city from what I can tell. I may need to buy her some baby heels a la Real Housewives of New Jersey or get her a t-shirt that says "50% Biatches."  Ok, maybe we fell to 25% but we are still up there! I may need to stop calling her, "Midge" as well.