Friday, November 19, 2010

Thank you

I know that next week will be filled with all sorts of "I'm thankful for this or that," or "I love life cuz.." I will read all of the posts and be touched and I will be the first on Thanksgiving to demand to know what everyone is thankful for and judge them if it is something like "Apple fill in the blank or new rims," and not my super awesome gift of bringing LO into the family.  But for today I would like to touch on a few of my thank the good lord for bringing this into my life.

1.  The handheld crepe. A crepe that is stored in a paper cone that you can eat while driving.  I discovered the majestic gift at a street fair in September and then a stand opened up at the mall by my office.  I am at that mall all the time and each time I act surprised that I found a crepe maker and should just try one even though that was the ONLY reason to go to the mall.  I feel like France could have been a world leader if they had gone farther with the crepe and french fry.

2. Chocolate wrapped in a sealed foilesqe container instead of paper so it retains its delicious original flavor.

3. Peanut butter, plain, with chocolate or on a sammie.

4. All of the people who make chocolate cookies as they all taste so different but so good.

5. Wine--enuff said

6.  Bluetooth so I can eat all of the above while driving and talking except for the wine.

7. Anthropologie for making the sloppy homey look fashionable.

8. The weird call center people on the third floor of my office building for making my tired self feel like a beauty queen every morning.

9. The tall guy at the cheap massage place by my house for giving a great massage for $45.

10. The Internet--wtf did people do before it? Smoke signals? I can order food on it without speaking to ANYONE.  I will go to a far less superior take-out place if I don't have to speak to anyone.

11.  Finally, LO for hating all the baby food that I lovingly made late at night so that I can buy store bought knowing that I gave baby food making the good college try but she prefers store bought.