Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not So Fast Bucko

I feel the need to review some facts at this time.  LO was born with laryngomalacia which is an underdeveloped epiglottis or airway to keep it simple.  Symptoms include trouble breathing, gets sick very easy with high likelihood of croup, whistles when she cries, sounds asthmatic and gulps from discomfort. She gets worse before she gets better as a 6 month old needs more air than a newborn.  99% of the time acid reflux is accompanied with laryngomalacia which includes congestion from liquid coming all the way into the inner ear and increased ear infections and the inability to be flat on your back as it is uncomfortable and difficult to breathe. 

So the doctors aggressively treat the acid reflux as they don't want the airway to become inflamed making breathing more difficult and they can't do anything for the laryngomalacia except arm you with some information on what to do if she starts to get air hungry.  Ok we are all up to speed in the simplest terms.  I won't go into my theories about how this is related to some of her other health stuff as I am sure you are bored all ready. 

So when we went to the ENT doctor and they said that she was 90% healed and I had her approval to go off the medication, I thought we could go off the medication!  My pediatrician decided to go with the GI's recommendation and he will not budge until a year but said that I could try stopping the night time medication.  So I tried and the next day she was projectile spitting up all over the place.  I would hold her and she would aim like a machine gun.  I know that a night would not make a difference but I got scared and chickened out.  So all I want is for someone to explain to me why we are still treating the acid reflux if it is indeed tied to the laryngomalacia that is supposed to be 90% healed?!! I feel so frustrated.

Also, I am noticing a crazy rash that keeps coming and going on her face and biscuits. Little tiny dots, is it food, is it cats, is it me?!