Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, Wahhhhhhh

LO has been in an exceptionally delightful mood lately and is such a joy to be around that this morning was extra painful.  I want to squeeze her all the time.  This weekend we did a lot of shopping for DH and she was great the whole time.  We took her to Houston's last night for dinner and she sat in the booster seat and was fabulous.  I think that having one kid is like having a little buddy but the adults are still in control.  I would imagine that once you have two kids, they take over the adults and it is a little like Lord of the Flies.  I am enjoying this age as it is my favorite so far.

DH and I had a super fabulous date night on Saturday night as my aunt and uncle watched LO and we went out.  They came over at 5:30 with a bag filled with toys.  More toys than I was planning on giving her for the holidays.  She had a bit of a hard time but I think that we need to leave soon after the babysitter arrives as it is too confusing for her for us to stay.  This is the first evening babysitter we have had in 5 months.

DH and I went to a super fancy restaurant on Sunset Blvd and had a 10 course tasting meal.  We were celebrating and it felt super luxurious.  The food was amazing and I am not a big foodie but everything was so good!  We don't do super fancy very often so it was great not to be disappointed.   We had wine and ate and talked.   We talked about extending our family, our careers and how much we were loving being parents.  It felt like a relaxing vacation in a three hour dinner.   Sigh, and now back at the office.