Friday, November 12, 2010


For weeks, I have been hearing all about dadadadadda and his many adventures as LO will spend hours talking about dadaddaa. Then yesterday morning over the monitor, I heard mamamamamamaa.  We have a pretty rigid sleep policy that LO goes to bed at 7pm and we go in at 7am.  She usually wakes up a little after 6 am and talks to her duck lovey for a bit and then drifts in and out of sleep until we come in at 7.  If she is screaming we will go in. She was sleeping until almost 8 before the whole daylight savings time thing came into play.  I try to wake her up at 7 but sometimes I let her go on the weekends as I'm tired and a bit lazy.  I ran in to her room at 6:30 to hear her say mamamamama but she had already put herself back to sleep and I woke her up but I was so excited.  I paid for it this am when she started screaming at 6:45, one day and we are suddenly up in the 6 am hour screaming!

Anyway, that was a whole lot of junk to make two points.  She is saying mamamamma so she is obviously a genius.  Secondly, she started crying big tears when I left today.  It made me so sad as we have been working on good-byes and that people come back but it made no difference this morning as she wanted her mamamamamama.  Is this when the guilt builds and you find yourself buying them a diamond necklace and a puppy for their 4th birthday?  Real Housewives of BH with your weird faces, I am talking to you.