Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Holidays Are HERE

So in getting over the Thanksgiving madness, I had to deal with the fact that Hanukkah is DECEMBER 1. It was easy to ignore when I was on the no gifts this holiday season but I have been guilted into buying LO gifts.  I felt like a bad person when my boss said, "You can't even buy her a new paci and wrap it up." Well when you put it like that I feel BAD and I find myself running to Babies R Us when it opens to try and find 8 small gifts for Hanukkah.  Did I mention that I am doing a celebration before DH leaves which would be this coming Saturday! 

DH pointed out that I gave her the gift that keeps on giving, you know LIFE but it seems that we also need a bear that plugs into the computer to program songs and her name.  So this is what I have for my 8 nights as I am predicting some bad nights thrown in there and we may only celebrate a few nights.  New pacis (thanks bossman), bubbles, another set of stacking cups, Plum Organics Super Puffs, the previously mentioned bear and that is all I could find.  We have everything else in that store.  I may resort to wrapping a water bottle as nothing gets her more excited than a plastic bottle.  It seems a bit rude to wrap up diapers.  I did not buy the rocking animal and I have decided that we will forgo the large gift at Xmas as she will receive so many other gifts like the ones on her wish list. Spread the wish list people!

I was reading this blog and I understand and feel her pain.  You want your kids to have good memories of the holiday season and now there is so much photographic proof if you try and keep it minimal.  I predict a big breakdown for LO at numerous holiday parties this season.  She has mastered the silent, no breathing, red face cry before the big scream which I am sure she will get working a lot over the next few weeks. 

Oh did I mention that I am putting the holiday picture pressure on us for this Friday. You know take a good picture or we will be sending out the free cards sent by Habitat for Humanity and I will be very unhappy.  DH will want to give up or won't look at the camera, I will hate my hair and LO will just be in a non-smile, stare daggers at you mood.  As long as she grows up and spares me this kind of treatment it will all be ok.