Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Holiday Mayhem

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! That is not excitement but pure terror.  I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays as I love getting together with family but why does it have to be soooooooo pricey! We always have to travel and I have a ridiculously long shopping list.  I have tried cutting down the list or the price tag but it is always creeping. I want to buy nice gifts for family & friends but I am too damn poor!  The end of the year is always a horrible time for us money wise as there are a few large annual bills due.  A normal person would put aside a little each month but there is always an emergency that takes priority.  Ahem, mama cat I'm talking to you.  She has not had the radiation therapy but diagnosing and testing the issue was not cheap. 

So I am thinking that I am going to buy gift cards for everyone using my credit card points so no out of pocket expenses and not buy the LO any holiday gifts.  DH & I are not exchanging gifts as he needed a new briefcase which we bought and I wanted  needed a beautiful pair of black boots that were on sale and I had a coupon!! Surprise, surprise!! Also, the creamy leather felt so nice against my skin.  I am the queen of the coupon as I went to Babies R Us and got LO some fleece jammies for $1.98 each.  I went back later to get even more and they told me that they had changed the policy and I could not use my coupons for this item! I feel so good when I get something for practically free.

Back to the holidays and me not buying gifts for the LO.  Am I a horrible person? I just feel like I could give girlfriend a free catalog and she would be excited.  She will receive gifts from everyone and we have a small house people.  The few things I was thinking about buying, grandma wanted to buy and I buy for her ALL the time. I am trying to cut back as I almost bought this adorable outfit at the Gap with the matching beanie with the 20% off coupon but I RESISTED. 

The only thing that is kind of appealing to me is a rocking plush animal (like a rocking horse) but that could be a birthday gift. Hmmmmm, what are your thoughts on buying for wee ones? At what age, do they give you the stink eye and call you cheap if you don't buy for them?