Monday, November 22, 2010

Get Over Yourself

In case anyone was wondering or cared, I am over the whole Thanksgiving going to dinner with the murderer neglectful stepmother thing.  I have decided that I am a quasi adult and for gosh sakes, a mother myself.  I am supposed to have gained some sort of level of maturity and forgiveness.  Also, the number of people who asked to join our dinner to see how it all worked out, seemed a bit high.  I am onto to bigger and better things to worry about at 3 am.   I could bore you with what I am worrying about but I am sure that it is similar to you.  Kids, money, marriage, family, job, holidays--take your pick.

My aunt watched LO on Friday at her office and got her the hat that she is wearing and enough for my mommy and me group. It covers up part of the tape nicely.  I picked her up and rushed to get her to her original pediatrician for a flu shot.  I was 30 minutes late and I grabbed LO out of her car seat to get to the doctor as they were waiting.  The doctor hadn't seen her since she was 2 months old but her regular pediatrician couldn't get her in so there I found myself Friday night meeting up with Dr. Crazy.  I looked down at her when I entered the office and realized her shirt was soaking wet and she had no coat on.  I took off her clothes and the diaper was on backwards and then I had to explain the tape.  I also had no spare diaper as I left it in the car so I tried to act like she went naked all the time by holding her naked like a hippie baby and she peed on me.  Definitely going to win Mother of the Year.