Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day Off

I took the day off yesterday as Poppins wanted to take a day off--who would want to be away from the LO?! Just saying...:) I decided in my normal cram everything into one free day that she should get her third scope and do a food catch-up with the doc and the flu shot. The pediatrician put the big no on doing all in one day which I am really grateful for, in hindsight.

This was the first scope that I went to alone so I started tearing up in the lobby. The other kids there were old enough to know what happens so they came in with their bribery treats. There was a 6 year old that was a eating candy at 9am, a 5 year old with his paci and another kid that was just straight screaming as they went the old fashion way of "suck it up." I was trying to figure out who I was going to be and I would like to say no bribery but somehow I have a fear of LO hitting college with a paci. She is an addict that can't be tamed. Supposedly, it helps the heartburn and keeps her airway clear but I have a nagging fear that every day it will just be harder to give up.

Last time, they told us that she had zero improvement since birth. I went in and I told them how devastated I felt after the last appointment. ZERO! How is ZERO even an option?? Well, we did the scope and it was terrible as usual as she is so much stronger and we had to hold her down BUT she is 90% healed!! Zero to 90% in 3 months! I didn't believe her at first as I thought she was placating after my confession of being so sad. But it is true! DH and I are so excited and we have her sign-off to transition off some of the medication. I am more realistic on the medication as I know that the GI doctor will not sign off until her solids are more advanced but it was the first time anyone has given us any concrete positive news. Party on, LO!