Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bejazzle Me

Poppins, LO and I headed to torture physical therapy yesterday with the meanest lady alive Sophie.  We had seen LO tilting her head again and Sophie felt that she had salient regression that wasn't the worst she had ever seen but not good.  I was unsure on the word "salient" but she repeated it over and over again.  She decided that we needed to try taping her neck for the next several weeks to remind her to hold her head straight.  We also have the strict regimen of exercises two reps of ten (6-8 times per day) for the head tilt plus her developmental exercises for crawling, rolling, strength building all to be done a million times a day as well. 

Basically every time she learns a new developmental skill such as crawling and rolling she regresses to her comfort spot of the head tilt.  Just to make sure that you don't lapse with exercises she flashes some pictures of the deformed children who had lazy parents.  When we started she showed us an 18 month old who had a tilt and it had completely ruined his jaw and neck to the point that surgery was necessary.  She told us that his parents had started physical therapy and then given up.  I thought they were bad parents but now I understand how frustrating this whole process is and how time consuming.  You skip one part of the PT and she falls behind.  LO really is not that big on crawling yet as she has figured out that she can usually pull a blanket to reach the toy or play with it with her toes instead of reaching. 

I am trying to stay positive as the next step is the plastic TOT collar for 5-6 hours a day.  DH has not been around much as he has been busy at work and stressed out.  He went into her room for two minutes this am as he has not seen her since Sunday and declared her fine and then left for work.  What does one make of that response?  Part of me wants to just not do anything as she absolutely hates going and I don't feel supported by DH but the other part remembers her cranio facial doctor telling me to suck it up and be a parent.  I am thinking that we will bejazzle the TOT collar and call it a day.