Friday, October 22, 2010

Just Thinkin'

I spend a lot of time thinking about useless stuff when I should be trying to improve my overall knowledge of world affairs or a language.  Oh well, here is my random thoughts this week.  Some are a bit morbid but funerals make you think that way.

1.  Have you seen the new billboard for the movie, Secretariat? Does that look like an animal on the horse's back or is that just me?

2.  Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I watched the first 20 minutes and Camille Grammar has four nannies for her two kids.  I know it is rough but you have to make some sort of effort.  Right??

3.  Helvetica. Turns out it is pronounced a lot different than in my brain.

4.  At what age do you buy a "plot"? My aunt and uncle have plots next to my grandparents which requires a fair amount of forward planning.  How did that conversation go?? Did one of them surprise the other couple for the holidays or a big anniversary? What if you are 20 years into paying for your plot and the neighborhood goes to crap.  There was a hooker advertising her wares on the way to the funeral.  I can say without a doubt that was not included in the initial brochure or visit.

5.  When do you get rid of the stuff that you definitely don't want people perusing when you have passed on?  I don't currently have a "come over and hide this before they start going through my stuff" buddy.  Do I need one?

6.   Our cat is not doing well and we have to give her medication twice a day which is tough as I haven't honed my technique yet.  This morning her chin starting bleeding a lot because of some horrible acne that she has developed.  She is still youngish but she looks terrible.  When do you make the decision that you have done everything you can? I am not saying that is tomorrow but she can gotten a lot worse in a short amount of time.  Just saying, DH......

7.  Poppins and DH took LO to the physical therapist last week and this is what I got out of their versions of the visit, "Yo, your kid is f**ked unless you can get her to roll."  I'm not much of a tumbler, maybe she is just not into it.