Monday, October 18, 2010

Days of Our Lives

I loved, loved, loved college! There was very little responsibility, low stress and beach days in January in a beautiful oceanfront house with 10 roomies. There was a fair share of girl and boy drama but I can remember skipping class to drink margaritas, listen to Bob Marley and hang out in my bikini. This is back when hanging in my bikini, biking in my bikini and wearing a beach cover up over my bikini to class was perfectly acceptable attire and I had the body to not be embarrassed. Those days are gone and I prefer a resort wear type of bathing ensemble that includes complicated pieces to give illusions of past glory that is hauled out once or twice a year. My 20s were definitely awesome and I entered my 30s with a heavy heart but I knew that I would be a mom in my 30s so that kept my spirits up.

Now that I am a mama there are lots of great moments that make me laugh as we rush to shove in a ton of "must dos" in the day. This Saturday morning I was getting LO's food ready while she was diapers only with a hat on, DH was running after the cat to take her to the vet and we were both trying to coordinate the rest of the day. I was laughing as he walked out the door and I snapped this quick picture as I tend to forget how great life is during the little moments.  Although my life is not as rock and roll as it used to be, it is even better as I love being a mom.