Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Country Bumpkin

When I was growing up, almost every Fall we would head to Apple Hill to go apple picking, eat apples, apple sauce, apple pie and everything and anything to do with apples and Fall.  You could also pick pumpkins or x-mas trees.  It was a very Fall experience and I try to replicate it every year in Southern CA.  Last year, we headed out to Underwood Farms and it was 95 degrees and we were all sweating.  It was disappointing and a far drive.  This year we headed to the hills for my grandfather's bday and it was another hot experience.   It seems that the crops and farms are in the valleys here.  So when it came time to pumpkin pick this year, I was feeling a little down on my enthusiasm so we headed to Mr. Bones. sigh

Mr. Bones is on a busy street between buildings and has valet parking.  They do have a petting zoo and a lot of overpriced pumpkins but the hay bales thrown about really don't replicate that Fall experience for me.  BTW--they wash their pumpkins!! We did the best we could and LO wore her kangaroo costume.  We were also joined by Erica, Anna and their DH.

Valet parking, really!!??!!

Chatting with Anna while Erica holds an umbrella over them.  First-class service all the way!