Thursday, October 21, 2010

100 years

My great aunt passed away this past Sunday rather suddenly.  That may be an oxymoron considering her 101st birthday was a few weeks away but it went from "She will be around for a long time," to "We put her on the morphine," within a few days.  I had to be educated on what "We put so and so on the morphine" actually means probably making the situation even more uncomfortable for all parties involved.  She was extremely sharp and lived alone in her house until six months ago when she had someone come in and help her out.  We saw her last month and she was grilling DH on when he would be converting to Judaism.  You could tell her something five years ago and she would bring it up and question you on it repeatedly. 

I felt really sad that I did not discover certain things about her until the funeral.  During the Depression, she traveled around Europe with a girlfriend.  My family didn't have any money and there were seven kids with no dad as he was standing there one day and dropped dead.  I would imagine that it was from realizing that he had seven kids but that is just my imagination running wild. She got on a boat and traveled! She was also the one who moved across the country to settle in No CA and then her sisters followed. (My grandmother included) How would you move with no Internet?!?! What if there was no decent mall close by?? We never discussed these things?! How is that possible?

This is no distant aunt, she lived around the corner from my grandparents and I was at their house all the time.  She informed me that she had no paid interest on anything in her entire life except for her drapes and that was an unfortunate case of miscommunication when she was traveling and some sort of mail snafu.  BTW--it was 50 years prior and it still rubbed her the wrong way.  She tried to teach me piano which failed miserably.  She took me to plays and performances which I slept through and she tried to teach me to cook which depending on who you talked to, could be considered a fail.  I love to travel and we never discussed it! How can that be?! She will be missed.