Thursday, September 30, 2010

Smoothie Madness

OK, here is the situation.  I make a protein fruit smoothie before I leave for work, a good portion of mornings, so that I can consume on my way to work.  My diabetes nutritionist during my pregnancy developed the recipe to be diabetic friendly and I still like it.  The smoothie is purple and delicious.  DH thinks it tastes like garbage but I have gotten used to it.  I was getting out of the car with my empty smoothie glass yesterday morning and I dropped it.  There was enough left in the glass to splatter all over my white shirt, black capri business pants, leg and car.  I went upstairs and ran water over the shirt and the stains spread so I had a wet shirt with large purple splotches and the black pants had dried while I was trying to save the shirt and were now sticky.  I work in a pretty conservative office so I was a bit embarrassed.

My options:
1.  Go back to my house 45 minutes away and change
2.  Spend the day in the disgusting sticky clothes and never leave my office
3.  Put on my workout outfit that consisted of a ripped shirt that said "Whip It" with a roller skate on the front that DH had picked up for me in a bar. 
4.  Go to the mall at 10 am when it opened, only spending two hours in appalling outfit.

I snuck out and went to Old Navy where I found a cotton dress for $4 and a sweater for $20.  I was really upset that the sweater was $20 as the dress had been so inexpensive but I realized that the total for not spending the day in sticky clothes was only $27 with tax and I needed to get over it.  What would you have done? Do you keep extra clothes at the ready?